Episode three……A Hard Jay’s Night
Let me just start with dgkgkjae8rkjnvzmcvndi75t74uhgkjd!!!!!!! What was this episode?? We had some uncomfortable moments to watch – Dee flirting with Jay, Aneesa making fun of the Bayleigh and Swaggy blanket, Johnny calling out Ashley for doing what he usually does, Ashley crying to Jenny and CT telling Johnny he’s rotten. ALL of this before the competition? All of this in the first ten minutes?

Jay and Dee total madness

Can I also point out that I am forgetting some of the people are even on the show. I mean other than their small appearances in confessionals are Kaycee, Jenna and Mattie even in the bunker?

Competition is again a two-part series, with the first two to finish moving onto the second round. The second round isn’t really a round, it’s just getting to blow up a truck which was super cool to watch. I found this pretty cool because it wasn’t just the first guy and first girl. It was laid out as simply the first two so it was up for grabs for everyone.

First round is decrypting a puzzle. Someone on an Instagram live stated that Nelson and CT agreed to work together. Watching the clip back you can see that Nelson is looking over CT’s puzzle before they go running up the hills to the two separate keys, so I am inclined to believe this.

nelson ct total madness puzzle

Any-whozers back to the show: CT and Rogan run out before everyone else but it looks like Fessy and Jordan make it to Key 1 and 2 first, respectively. We see some of the other competitors running around. Everyone is a little scrambled and I am starting to wonder if some of them realize they need to go to both keys?

Swaggy calls for a check and he’s wrong. CT calls for a check right after him and CT has it! Bayleigh is super close to finishing and admits she checked out Jenny’s answer and was hoping for it to be right. She calls for a check and she’s got it! Ya, ya some of you are going to complain that she “cheated.” Well, lets recap ALL the other puzzles in the history of this show: they ALWAYS wreck their puzzle cause someone is going to be looking at it. Jenny should’ve laid the answers facedown on the ground and then placed them when she was ready. This is the name of the game my friends.

Time to pick a third for the tribunal. This is a pivotal moment for Bayleigh and Swaggy, they have readily been called out for being possible untrustworthy Big Brother players (literally in front of everyone and NOT quietly). Here is where they can show if they are going to be rooks of their word: Swaggy is in the Tribunal. Back to the house we go.

The whole house is buzzing about who to pick, how the voting is going to go and who is voting for who. Girls are aiming for Johnny. Kailah does the honorable thing (I’m hating that I am starting to like her so far this season dammit) and goes to Cory, Nelson and Fessy to give them the heads up of where the girls in the room are at. They are puzzled and trying to figure out which way to vote. Cory does not verbally commit to where his vote is going to go.

Nelson total madness kailah fight

The three guys go to pick Wes’s brain, somehow Kyle is by them also? Was he there to find out which path to follow or to check up on Wes for Johnny? No one really knows right now…. Wes is liking the young guys tenacity and in years past he would’ve jumped on that boat and popped the champagne but this is a new game. Where’s your game going to take you Wes?

Voting time in the house. Johnny kicks it off voting for Jay. Not surprisingly, Jay kicks it right back to Johnny. Kyle votes for Jay. Dee delivers a little blurb about jay being cute and wanting to get to know him and votes for Johnny. This is an unnecessary drama blurb to try ruffle feathers. If any of you heard a weird noise after that, it was the audible to my eyes rolling to the back of my head. Jordan votes for himself. Jenna, welcome to the game, thinks she’s burning a vote on Nelson. Nelson is completely confused by this as Josh, Nany, Kaycee all follow suit. Nelson throws a bit of a tantrum as his numbers are adding up and exposes Kailah coming to them about what she said but he fumbles his words and makes it look worse than what it truly was (damn you Nelson, I am now defending Kailah). Well after a minor outburst Kailah votes for Nelson too cause she’s pissed. Cory does clear it up and sets the record straight, proving he’s not always going to back TYB but he is going to be a straight up guy. Kudos Cory. We swing around to Wes. This is the moment. What is going to happen? Wes votes for Jay! By doing this he has fully exposed the alliance they thought they had hidden. Wes, your smart game just went out the window. Everyone knows now.

Votes finish and people are getting called out for not having the balls to pull the trigger and back up what they say behind closed doors. During all this chaos Jay just gets up and hangs up his name. Truth be told that was the highlight of the fight for me and my household: Jay wanted none of it and just did his thing. Ashley freaks out while standing on a table and Kyle slides a comment in as Ashley is leaving the room “are we ok to vote you in next time then?” Editing should’ve raised his mic volume or panned to his face when he said it because that stole the end of the scene.

ashley total madness freak out

Alright the house is off to the bar, ugh this bar scene. It’s all just messy, chaotic and drama filled. Rogan and Bear are wearing the same shirt, Dee kisses Jay after being told to by Jenny and the whole house sees it or knows about it.

Back at the house Rogan moves his blanket out of the room pouting that he doesn’t want to see them hooking up and Dee runs after him. Jay goes about his business like it’s nothing and crawls into his bed just wanting to sleep. At this point poor Jay probably feels like a ping pong ball being batted all over the place. Before turning in for the night Rogan pulls CT AKA Pops for a chat while wearing a fur coat and I couldn’t help but get a bit of a gangster feel from this. Can’t quite decipher if it was an actual gangster or a gangsters wife feel, but it was a bit gnagster-ish. He wants Jay in Purgatory. CT isn’t sure what to do and they all turn in.

Tribunal time! Right off the bat they select Rogan. Then Nelson got himself in there because of his fight in the deliberations and they throw in Bear “cause he likes the attention.” There was a roar of laughter in my house with that comment because we all know it’s true. The man and his veneers do love attention. Bear enters first and I am happy with his delivery here. He exposes Nelson and also states “if it’s a puzzle throw him in.” Bear, you’ve done your homework. Well done sir. Yes if it’s a puzzle, Nelson will most likely choke on it like a cat with a hairball. Next up is Nelson who states he was blindsided by his name being thrown out there, then claims he’s known for eliminations. Ummmm Nelson, are we watching the same game you are supposed to be playing? If you are known for eliminations then you shouldn’t be scared to go in right? ESPECIALLY in a game where you need to go in to make the final? Then we get Rogan: who makes the laughable comment of “despite what everyone thinks, I’ve always wanted to go in.” ROGAN!!! We all watched last season where you pleaded your way OUT of every elimination. Please kindly check the bullshit at the door. Thank you.

bayleigh swaggy ct tribunal total madness

Back to the house. Jay is with me and calls out Rogan for not going into an elimination last season. He says he’s going to keep him out every elimination and that he can keep playing his scared game, cause in the words of Jay “I a’int scared of you.” Jay, I am going to put this out here now: Please continue to come back for as long as they call you. You are paving your way into repeat Challenges at this point.

To Purgatory we go. CT is on the fence of where to go with this one, at least that is how the edit appears. Jay is confident with any puzzle or strategy eliminations but does not want CT or Rogan in a physical. No one blames you Jay, they have quite a bit of weight on you. CT is going in, showing that Bayleigh and Swaggy are people of their word. Not sure if they sat back and let it happen to prove that they are trustworthy or if it was out of fear of retaliation from the rest of the vets? They may be rooks but they are surrounded by vets.

This is about to be a true David versus Goliath match. TJ announces the game and explains how it will be played and what needs to be done. It will be a bit of strength and a lot of strategy. Jay is pumped to go up against someone he grew up watching and considers an idol. They position themselves and create a mess for their opponent to get through. CT went for the ropes and chains and tried to make the biggest knot possible, then moved on to heavy items. Jay started with the heavy items. I can appreciate running the chains through the cinder blocks. When done they both look pretty good. Horn blows and they are off to dismantle what their opponent created. CT is tearing through Jay’s but not moving fast enough, in my opinion. Jay is strategizing his way through CT’s knots. CT almost has his done when Jay suddenly gets the door open which is clearly a surprise to everyone including Jay as the door about smoked him in the face. The whole cast is SHOOK as Jay hits the buzzer.

I applaud CT for his sportsmanship as he congratulates Jay and tells him “good job rook” and Jay tells him its been a dream to go against him. CT quickly shuts it down with a “don’t make it weird bro.” CT takes his loss and leaves. In the process of leaving, everyone also left their jaws on the ground. WHAT IS HAPPENING in this game! In CT’s after game interview he acknowledges that he needed to work faster and that he didn’t think Jay was that close. He also points out the fatal error he made in his knot. This is the CT that me and my family love, he owns his mistakes and gives kudos where it is due. He also expresses that he hopes the house puts the respect on Jay’s name that it deserves.

ct jay total madness elimination

All of this aside, can we come together as a collective and agree that the editors this season are stepping it up with the comic relief. They continuously show the casts reactions bringing us the joy of Aneesa’s facial expressions, which are the life of this season. Bear, regardless of his personal character, is reality TV gold. Not to mention Kyle’s stupid little grins and the joint confessionals of the “unholy alliance”. I am fully aware that some of the drama needs to remain, because well we all love a little drama, but surely there is better drama that they can be showing?

aneesa total madness face