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If you haven’t seen this Twitter drama from yesterday between Aubrey O’day, Aaron Carter and the Forever Petty squad, Marie Roda, Jemmye Carroll and Kailah Casillas, we are here to fill you in. Twitter went wild over the feud and we can see why. 

Aubrey resurfaced  after starring in this season’s  Ex on the Beach with Challenge star Marie Roda. Aubrey originally gained recognition from her time on MTV’s Making a Band 3 in 2004. She then went on to have a successful but seamingly short lived music career as a member of the girl group, Danity Kane. Aaron Carter resurfaced because as of late, he’s been controversial and the news loves controversy.

Aaron and Aubrey have been friends for over a decade having met on the music circuit as teens but things got weird this weekend. 

The beef appeared to start with this IG Live from Aaron and Aubrey. @Shboogies posted the most relevant parts of the live on this thread.

Jemmye dropped the comment, “I thought you wanted to have a baby with Mark [Jansen from Ex on the Beach].”The intent is unclear to the fans, if she was trying to stir things up or was genuinely curious.

aaron carter jemmye carroll

Aaron pinned the comment then starts off on a rant asking who she is, why she would say that and flat out calling her a bitch.

“WHY WOULD SHE SAY THAT? Whos Paul O D? Anybody that wants to come over here in my web, I will devour the fuck out of you.”

Aubrey attempted to move on by clarifying why it’s normal to want a baby with someone like Mark or Aaron, “Babe really think about this. If you love someone and you are with them and your shit is right and you want to be with them, why is that such a crazy thing to think?”

She carried on, giving insight into their relationship, “You know how we are, we lock and we don’t lock with anyone. So who the fuck is this bitch?”

Jemmye chimed in with another comment, “y’all need therapy.” He pinned it. Again, it is unclear why he is worried about what Jemmye thinks. 

aaron carter jemmye carroll

Aubrey and Aaron were fuming at this point.

Aaron: “Whats her name? Because now she’s going to get roasted.”

Aubrey: “She’s one of those hoodrats that’s dating one of the guys.”

Aaron then called her a troll and said he was going to “end it.” 

Aubrey: “Babe you know how those people think they are celebrities cause they’re on MTV. It’s rough.”

Aaron, holding up a Troll doll, “Does she look like this kind of Troll, babe?”

Aubrey laughing hysterically, “I can’t with you.”

Aaron: “Does she look like this?”

Aubrey: “Kind of but with longer hair.”

Aaron: “Skkrt, change of subject, Your [Jemmye] five minutes is over.”

They then continued to have a discussion about Trolls, the dolls, but it quickly became about Jemmye again.

Aaron: “Does she look like any of those?”

Aubrey: “Uhhh she’s cuter than a Troll but she ain’t a star”. “You gotta be like fucking…won a pageant a few times in your life cute to be on one of those MTV shows.”

Aaron: “You’re not gonna win over here. If youre trying to fucking press her, you gotta go through me and its not gonna work”

Aubrey: “Yea you stupid ass bitch! How do I say that nicely?”

Then Aubrey tried to end it by saying they had to get off the phone and “have phone sex.”

Musician and Kailah Casillas’ boyfriend Michael Pericoloso, or Mikey P for short, dropped a simple “lol” in the comments. Aubrey, showing her ignorance, responded by saying “IamMikeyP that’s JustJem’s [Jemmye’s] boyfriend.” Aaron then tried to imply they were all reaching for relevancy by commenting on his live. 

They continued ranting on about Mikey and Kailah until prompted by fan @alexandriapool who commented “Whyyyy is @aaroncarter and @AubreyODay shit talking @JustJem24 and @kailah_casillas. I am sooo confused.” This lead to an interesting back and forth on Twitter.

Challenge Twitter then proceeded to do what twitter does best. Drag and drag HARD. Co-host of You Fucked With The Wrong Podcast (@fckedwithpod) and the original poster of the Instagram live, which we all appreciate, Caitlin L (@shboogies) had a warning for Aaron. 

But it was too late.

Confused on why this is happening? Well Twitter had some theories.

Kailah had this to say about it. 

Aaron certainly had his defenders as well. Telling him he should just ignore them. How irrelevant they are and all the usual. 

The Forever Petty squad ended off the drama with these last words.

Kailah trying to cope with the fact that her childhood was a lie.

Marie wasn’t really involved but of course she had to say something.

Jemmye decided that positivity is the way to crush negativity.

Let’s all hope that’s the end of it but let’s be real, that’s highly unlikely.