The Saniac Podcast is more than just your ordinary Challenge podcast. Unlike the other 1.2 million Challenge podcasts, The Saniac Podcast brings you high quality audio, one mediocre co-host and the untapped intellectual side of reality TV. In 2019 we expanded into an all encompassing Challenge publication. We produce live weekly recaps, written recaps, Challenge news, blogs, interactive quizzes, discussions and a whole slew of other fabulous Challenge content. Recaps are live on our Facebook page after the Challenge airs – Wednesdays at 10:45 EST.  


Behind the Mic

Zach Calhoun

MTV lifer, failed musician, and entertainment elitist. Zach is the kind of person who can’t take his eyes off of a bad car wreck, which serves as the perfect real life parallel to his love of online gossip drama.

Shanni Suissa

Shanni has been on a silent game losing streak since the day she was born. Once told to pipe down, Shanni rebelled and took to the mic. Combining her gift of the gab and love of the Challenge, The Saniac Podcast is Shanni’s brain child. 

Behind the Keyboard

Hannah Okosisi

In March 2018, Hannah started unleashing her opinions with lists recapping Challenge episodes as they aired. Fans grew eager to read her pieces motivating Hannah to move her recaps to a more established home. Luckily, the Saniac Podcast asked her to join the team. Hannah loves working with the Saniac crew and having her articles reach a wider Challenge fan base. Recently she expanded her content to produce fun interactive Sporcle quizzes from a wide range of Challenge trivia. 

Christian Chmiel

Christian has a very healthy and not-creepy-at-all obsession with writing, sports books and reality competition television. He was somehow able to combine that sloppy threesome into thisisthefinalcut.com, where he continues to piss off 2/3 of the Challenge community with his harsh critiques on fan favorites. Joining forces with The Saniac Podcast in 2019 allowed Christian to reach even more Challenge fanatics without having to sacrifice his edge – a marriage worthy of a two-part MTV special.

Behind the Research

Sarah Semple

Longtime Challenge fanatic and creator of the Facebook group and Challenge mecca,  Challenge Fans. By day she is a devoted mother and wife — by night she is a punk rock loving badass babe. Sarah is the perfect liaison to the fan community and an incredible Challenge researcher. She was also the first member Shanni brought aboard the Saniac crew.

Andrea Uda 

Reality TV junkie and admin to the Facebook Group  Reality TV Fans. If you like fun and you like facts you’ll enjoy this addition to our team. With a magical glitter binder full of useless but important facts you didn’t think you needed to know but did, she’ll be here to keep all our minds blown.  An inside look on not only Challengers but any and every reality show contestant ever seen on TV — this girls got the info.

Come for the Challenge. Stay for the content. 

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