1. Johnny Bananas

Classic Bananas shining the light back on himself but can we really say he’s wrong about the technicality?

2. Weston Bergmann

Wes is grinning ear to ear thinking about how little people will remember his loss to Bear now.

3. Derrick Kosinski

Derrick pointing out the irony in throwing a Challenge only to be sent into elimination.

4. Kam Williams

Kam accuses Laurel of cheating and props up Ninja for good sportsmanship.

5. Marie Roda

Marie and the Petty Pod squad were out in full force backing up Laurel last night. She also drops quite the nugget of intel “Kam and Kayleigh … had to reset 6 times when going against Kyle and Brad bc they rang the bell too soon.”

6. Jemmye Carroll

Jemmye makes a good case for why team UK should have kept a chaotic team member on Team USA.

7. Joss Mooney

Poor Joss has been scarred for life and he wasn’t the only Challenger to comment on the “suck it” move.

8. Rogan O’Connor

The other half of Jogan seemed to enjoy the site.

9. Nicole Zanatta

Laurel’s ex-girlfriend Nicole deemed the gesture unattractive.

10. Idris Virgo

Idris standing by his decision.

11. Dee Nguyen

Pretty apparent Dee was pleased with her choice as well.

12. Josh Martinez

Josh being incredibly amicable.

13. Theo Campbell

It was Theo who told Ninja where the hole was.

14. Ashley Mitchell

Ashley responding to the photo that has been circulating clearly depicting a hole for Laurel to put her final peg into.

Now for the main event. Laurel and Ninja were busy tweeting last night and the results leave us all wondering. Was Ninja’s win legitimate?

15. Laurel Stucky

16. Natalie ‘Ninja’ Duran

BONUS: Jordan Wisely

Jordan confirming what Laurel stating in one of her tweets. They did in fact take time to verify her win before having TJ blow the horn. What do you think production should have done? A reset or let Ninja have the win?

Jordan Elimination


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