da'vonne amanda theo

It’s Theo vs Da’Vonne AND Amanda? Uhhh, bruh you might wanna just take a step back here. You’re about the get roasted like a pig on a spit… It all started with a fan, @Kaliileigh, tweeting Theo asking about him and Da’vonne. 

Little did he know his response was about to blow up Twitter. For all those unfamiliar with UK lingo, “fancying” someone means having a crush on them.

Of course Da’vonne was quick to respond.

Theo accuses Amanda of trying to kiss Beast and him shading her…

Amanda quickly calls it BS. She also reminds him that once a liar, always a liar in the Challenge House. Is that really a thing?

Twitter seems to see this as a bit like Tyson v McNeeley 2.0. I’ll let you figure out who Twitter Tyson is…

Who’s side are the Saniacs on?


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