Episode 5 Break up with your BF, I’m bored………here we go!

The episode starts with everyone returning to the bunker which is apparently going to be the ongoing theme of this season, and I’m not upset by it. It’s nice to see how everyone reacts after the elimination without taking away from who went home the previous week.

Editing makes it appear that there is something weird going on in the bunker and T eludes to it as well. Here comes the home-made Ouija board that T, Bear, Tori and Kailah are playing with. Bear playfully moves the piece to spell out his name and Jenna looks on like a concerned mom. Finally, we see some Jenna. This episode bodes well for her. They stop with the board and go in their separate ways, well sort of.

total madness oujie board bear tori kailah big t

Bear and Kailah are in a room with Wes, Josh, Aneesa, someone sleeping (Melissa maybe?) and Jenna doing her makeup in her bed. Bear is asking Wes for some advice for a girl that “someone” might like in a scenario “let’s say a Challenge house.” Kailah asks him to please just stop, Bear shrugs it off like its not about her, calling her a narcissist and Aneesa telling her its about her, (it clearly is) and Bear tries to cover his completely exposed self by saying “it could be about Jenna?” Jenna immediately shuts that down by telling him to leave her out of this. Nice work Jenna, enjoy your bunker stay while babysitting your friend and preserving your relationship.

Aneesa’s facial expression (AKA the 29th competitor of the season) is not buying Bear’s detour and Josh agrees to leave Jenna out of it. Wes presents like a gentleman and says, “have a sit down with her and make sure its ok to keep flirting with her.” Bear is content with where he is at and believes he is going to get Kailah.

bear kailah total madness flirt

We see Jenna do a video call, where I am assuming all the competitors do their calls at, and it is creeee-py! Not a whole lot comes out of this conversation other than they are clearly in a good spot of their relationship with Zach asking how she is doing and how things are going. But then there is the out of the blue question “so we’re still a couple?” Zach why did you ask that? Is it because Jenna has spoken to you about Bears persistence with Kailah and you are nervous about losing Jenna or are the editors leading up to the fight they elude to in the previews for next week. Fans know the end result if they follow y’all on social media. Again, editors are giving Jenna some great screen time this episode, while also showing us a softer side of Zach.

We transfer to everyone working out and Rogan going on a tangent about it being personal against Jay with kissing Dee and taking out CT, so its personal now. Pan over to Josh and Wes on the treadmill. Ok, I know red heads normally are rather pale, my cousin is a red head and can’t hold a tan to save her life. Even the lotion that tans your skin just absorbs into her body. But DANG Wes damn near blends into the white wall behind him. The beard and bandana keep him visible, if they were to ever play hide and seek in the bunker he’d be able to hide rather easily.

Wes is wondering why Josh is so obsessed with him and this is the start up for a theme throughout this episode. I can’t quite figure out if these two are trying to create a rivalry, if they are both so narcissistic or if there is a level of delusion that is setting in? If it is the latter is the delusion because of the bunker or are they both just that simple? I mean for two people that claim to play such a great mental game, why is this becoming so complicated? Josh seems to be taking it more light heartedly than Wes, again only my opinion.

josh wes total madness mtv challenge

The editing and slow mo’s of everyone working out is much better than other seasons, bravo Challenge Gods. Now Jordan is wound up about the turf and we get Jordan in his confessionals with a haircut that rivals Lloyd Christmas, please Tori help him and advise him with his next haircut. The two of them ensue into a completely unnecessary argument. Jordan wags a sausage in Wes’s face calling it his “d*ck” and Wes takes the low blow shot of “you will not talk to me like you do your wife.” WES!!! While I am not Jordan’s #1 fan, nor Tori’s, I do like Tori and that comment was completely uncalled for. Furthermore, I don’t see Tori tolerating being treated any other way other than respectful by a man with the persona that is given to us on our television screens. No one brings up your marriage Wes. You should know not to do this, as you would lose your mind.

Cory is happy they are going at it, and rightfully so. It takes the heat off of him and literally any other guy in the house at the moment. Johnny has some concerns about his alliance and Wes’s lack of ability to “play possum.” Yup, Johnny be concerned. Wes’s possum is currently dead on the side of the road and bloated to the point of about to explode.

Jenna is now being a counselor and a bit of a house mom and attempting to check Kailah and make sure she isn’t going to screw up anything back home. But at the end of the day she’s a big girl and will make her own decisions, we will see later the decision she makes.

jenna kailah mtv total madness

Dee and Wes are strategizing against Jordan. Dee hits the nail right on that ginger head and says “I think they’re both trying to prove who’s more alpha.”

Into the competition we go. We see a car come in on its side, whip to a stop and TJ come out of the car and explain to the challengers “Bomb Squad” and how its going to be teams of four and what job each of those four are going to have.

Teams are randomly selected and this is what we get: Team 1: Jay, Kailah, Wes, and Nany. Team 2: Tori, Bear, Dee, and Bananas. Team 3: Mattie, Rogan, Nelson, and Big T. Team 4: Kaycee, Swaggy C, Josh, and Jenny. Team 5: Melissa, Bayleigh, Kyle, and Cory. Team 6: Fessy, Aneesa, Jordan, and Jenna. What is not made clear is if the teams were selected and then they get to go in that order or if the teams were selected and then drawn on who goes first?

Jay is in the car first, and he pulls off a terrible mistake of missing the first numbers. You can hear the disappointment in Jay’s voice when he tells Wes “I missed the first f*ckin numbers.” Wes is incredibly respectful of how Jay handled this and we get Nany’s first confessional. Nany is surprised at how well Wes handles this, Jay knows in his gut that he’s going in. Nany, Kailah and Wes reassure Jay that everyone has been there before and made mistakes.

jay mtv total madness

Next up is Johnny having to explain to Bear to keep the walkie-talkie clear and Bear keeps talking on it. Good grief Bear. Johnny rattles the numbers and then asks for a “repeat over” Johnny is rightfully frustrated, to Bears defense he had literally all of it but the first number. Either way, they didn’t finish either.

Next Mattie relays the numbers to Rogan so he can show everyone how “bloody smart” he is. He figures out the numbers, runs repeats the numbers even gives Nelson the colors and the editors make up for showcasing the booger on Nelson’s face last week by giving him a slow mo of him running looking good. Whoopsie Rogan redoes his math and realizes he’s wrong. T inserts the rods and no bomb. Third team to not complete. Jenna starts to recap what the competition is and jumbled her words and shakes it off in a sweet way. Kaycee’s up to climb out the car. Swaggy finishes the math exceptionally fast. Side note: on his IG live he states he had the math done in his head but producers made him put the numbers on the board, I am inclined to believe that because he doesn’t even have the last number on the board. Josh runs the rods to Jenny who sets off the bomb. They are the first to complete.

nelson total madness challenge

Next up we have Kyle telling us that him and Cory are idiots so why not have Melissa and Bayleigh do the hard part. My household got a good laugh out of this and Cory proved Kyle right in a bit. Melissa is calling off the numbers and Bayleigh is struggling to hear the numbers through Melissa’s accent. Listen, I’m a mom and the whole time I was watching Melissa I was holding my breath worried about her cute lil self and that nugget growing in her. Bayleigh does the math, shrugs and runs off we aren’t quite sure if she got the math done correctly until she tells Kyle the numbers. Kyle runs with the rods repeating the color code as he runs and hands off to Cory. Cory runs around the box for a bit, runs to the bomb, does a little ballerina twirl gets called an idiot by Johnny and then figures it out. That was a timely, costly mistake Cory. He admits to the group that he thought the bomb was going to be an after affect and not be right behind him. (There’s your answer to your conspiracy of visual affects Calhoun, just saying) Sweet simple Cory, did you really not know or are you playing a better possum game than Wes?

Last up Fessy to read off the numbers to Aneesa who hammers out the math problem, relays the numbers to Jordan and then we get another great shot of Jenna and her smiling while running. Cut to Nelson in the confessional talking about how she looks like she’s filming a commercial smiling and running. Seriously, this episode makes a person just want to hug Jenna, am I right? Jenna detonates the bomb and walks towards it while it explodes. Bomb complete. Competition complete.
Everyone gathers and TJ announces that out of the three teams that completed it team 4 wins by two seconds! Wonder how many seconds Cory twirled around? Would they have been contenders if he knew what he was doing? Sweet baby Jesus hopefully his babies get their mom’s brains. Let me be clear, I appreciate Cory as a competitor but watching this was a forehead slapping moment. Jordan tells them good job…….where was this sportsmanship earlier this season Jordan? Josh fires a shot with “pack your bags Weston” and so continues this confusing “rivalry.”

Back at the bunker sweet Jenna talks to Jay and inquires on the Jordan scenario and admits she can’t say Jordan. She tries to lie to Jay but can’t look him in the face. Jay isn’t dumb, I’m sure he caught that pretty quickly. Lloyd Christmas, I mean Jordan, is talking to a couple girls about possibly going in. Johnny talks to Wes and tells him to actually play possum, Wes acknowledges that he needed advice and went to Johnny and actually likes his alliance. Nany tells them that she’s onto them and that they are sketchy.

nany bananas wes total madness

Into nominations; Wes shocks everyone that he’s already spoken to and says Kyle’s name. Everyone is a bit confused. Nelson says Bear. YES Nelson!!! In previous seasons this is what we have seen play out, shoot just last week we saw it! You create a ruckus or a problem: you go into elimination. I am with you Nelson and so is my house. You are right, everyone should vote for Bear. Jay caught on and said it too. More votes roll in and Jay calls out those voting for him that everyone is going to have to go against each other so why put him back in there? Jordan votes for himself and the girls votes are going to have to come into play. It starts to become clear Jay is going in. Jay is annoyed and bored at the scared game that everyone is playing. Samesies Jay. I am sad because when he hung his name on the wall it looked like a bit of the wind was sucked out of his sails. C’mon Jay stay strong! You are climbing my board of favorite challengers. Honestly: come back every time you get a call PLEASE!

At the bar, it’s a bit boring. Wes talks to Nelson about how he wants Jordan in the elimination, Swaggy and Jay talk about elimination, and Rogan talks about wanting to go into elimination. It is clearly personal.

Back to the bunker Bear and Kailah are talking on the couch while Nany takes over for Jenna with babysitting Kailah who is falling for Bear’s relentless flirting. Kyle is assisting in the babysitting and tells them that he’s watching them. Kailah announces she’s going to the bathroom, AKA “follow me,” where we as viewers are treated to a montage of them flirting and behaving like high schoolers in the bathroom and they kiss. After the kiss Bear has a noticeable situation in his grey sweats that he needs to adjust and Kailah seems surprised by the camera as she exits the bathroom. Ummm Kailah, this isn’t your first season. You can’t fart in that house without a boom mic picking it up somewhere. She appears to have some regret, but does she?

kailah bear total madness hookup

Tribunal meets to discuss who they are going to bring in. Rogan is an obvious, we know Wes is getting called with Josh being in there and Kaycee wants to talk to Nelson, the ordacity! Rogan goes in first and pitches himself for going in, he explains that it’s personal and if it’s physical he wants to go in. Nelson comes in next and they have a nice discussion about it not being personal and that they just want to know where he is sitting game wise. Nelson denies working with Wes and quite frankly sums up Wes’s game really quick and calls him a snake how he uses other people to fight the battles and once the battle begins, he jumps ship. Nelson has done his homework, both inside the game and outside. I like Wes, but this is his routine every season. To quote others “he over promises and under delivers.”

Last up is Wes who was rather patronizing to Josh while combing his beard with his hand-held beard brush. He didn’t seem phased really at all. Strategy? Or sincerely not worried about going in? Only Wes will know, until he tells everyone that is. I don’t agree with him calling Josh the worst player here, (she already left and hopefully doesn’t get a call back EVER) I am starting to think that Wes is trying to make it clear that they aren’t rivals so that if the Gods ever do a rivals season again, he doesn’t get paired with him. Swaggy nailed it with saying he should send in Wes after being called a bad player.

In the bunker Jay asks Rogan why he only wants a physical elimination and why not just go in no matter what? Again, Jay looks detached and it breaks my heart.

Everyone enters Purgatory and it is clear its Balls In but there’s a twist. TJ is annoyed that they threw in Jay again, same TJ, SAME!!! TJ tells Swaggy to come on down if he would love to, Swaggy turns it down. Everyone in my house wants Wes to go in, we don’t want Rogan to kill Jay. Nelson, its not his time. Wes should go in, he’s been a dick this episode. They send in Rogan and here’s the twist: the ball is ON FIRE!!

rogan nelson wes total madness purgatory mtv

The guys suit up and I am on the edge of my couch. Jay looks so little compared to Rogan and my household is worried for his safety with this physical elim, I mean Rogan has said repeatedly in this episode that he wants to throw Jay around like a rag doll. Jay’s on offense first, he grabs the fireball and goes into the circle. Rogan physically picks up Jay and slams him outside the circle with such force I gasped, when Rogan used Jays head to get off the ground my daughter yelled at the TV at Rogan “jackass!” and the episode ended?!?!?! WTF Challenge Gods!? I mean I know Jay is alive but IS HE OK!!? We all know the risks going into a physical elimination, I don’t hate Rogan for the hit, but it was rough to witness.