One of the first tweets the Saniacs saw floating around about Cara Maria Sorbello’s blocking spree came from outspoken Challenge fan Gigi Moreno. Gigi ignites the idea that it was a stan that sent Cara the list of who to block because they both blocked a bunch of people yesterday. A joint blocking spree? Sounds like step 1 in the insecure guide to a girl’s night in.

Of course some were celebrating the block. Cara hasn’t been making many friends lately and this was confirmation for the fans.

Austin pointed out the obvious ridiculousness of blocking a bunch of people especially when a good chunk didn’t even dislike her.

Cara’s blocking spree left out many fans that genuinely do dislike her and they were feeling all out of sorts. To celebrate? The fans were unsure. 

This was when we went to check and see if she blocked The Saniac Podcast. Low and behold, we were also blocked. This left us with only one possible scenario. It must be a stan telling her who to block because we’re not mean to Cara on social media. Sure we criticize on our podcast but that is essentially what the show is all about, breaking down the characters we see on our screen. We frequently add the disclaimer that nothing we say should be taken personally and that we understand there is a massive amount we do not know or get to see. Of course a quick glance at a Saniac sound bite may leave you feeling differently but that is why our show is long form and intended to be consumed as such.

Challenge historian Irving replied that he’s been blocked for a while further showing Cara blocks often and easily. Does she have a thin skin? Irving is genuinely concerned as are many other fans. In the Challenge Fans Facebook group, where Irving and Saniac crew member Sarah Semple are admins, a fan posted a thread saying Cara will become the next Camilla if she doesn’t take a break.

Irving adds fuel to the theory that it was a certain stan that sent her a list.

Sylvia Defender couldn’t hold back her laughter at the thought of “the list.” Is #listgate about to trend?

MTV’s Kendal believes Paulie was calling the shots on this block.  

As expected many Cara stans came out asking why anyone that dislikes Cara would be pressed about being blocked? A fairly reasonable question and insinuation however Cara blocked people who do not dislike her. There is also the easy rebuttal of Twitter being an intended viral and fast pace platform where if one fan notices and tweets, the rest will follow suit and check as well.

More fans chiming in to defend Cara.

A Cara fan considers this to be progress. With 65 likes, many seem to agree.

Ironically, fans pointed out how Cara stans take after Cara in every way.

What do the Saniacs think really happened? Did Cara block people based off of a stan’s list? Do people have a genuine reason to be concerned for Cara? Is blocking people on social media a form of personal progress?


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