1. Josh Martinez

2. Jordan Wiseley

Jordan giving us more context to the argument.

3. Rogan O’Connor

Rogan makes a good point.

4. Joss Mooney

Joss wasn’t watching live but he was pretty invested in his hair during the elimination. Don’t worry Joss, your hair is always fabulous.

5. Wes Bergmann

Wes reiterating our sentiments from the podcast, CT being too nice.

6. Theo Campbell

Theo dropped some insight with this photo. He essentially carried the entire right side of the pyramid solo.

7. Johnny Bananas

Bananas reiterating his points from a few weeks ago.

8. Turbo Turabi

Turbo laying to rest all the ideas Shanni had on this week’s recap. Are these tweets enlightening or crowd control for what’s to come?

9. Idris Virgo

Is Idris playing a smart game or merely lucky?

10. Natalie Ninja Duran


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