This week we saw another big name leave the game, Johnny Bananas. Production also gave us a fan favourite for the daily, a swimming challenge. Here’s what the cast had to say about the episode on Twitter.

1. Jordan Wisely

Jordan was in his element this challenge.

Jordan confirming how long it took Nicole to jump off the platform. Would you be able to make that jump without hesitation?

He also makes this interesting comparison between Wes and Bananas. Do you agree?

2. Tori Deal

Tori killed this challenge. She upped her training to twice a day a while back and the results are showing.

3. Johnny Bananas

Bananas calls out Cara’s emotional plea to Josh “you don’t know what he put me through.”

True to his reputation, he of course throws in a sleazy joke.

Bananas and Jemmye bonding yet again. Could this be a future alliance? 

This last dig at Paulie was hilarious.

4. Theo Campbell

Theo looked like a jam packed sausage in that cage.

5. Weston Bergmann

Wes hitting hard with comedy gold. 

5. Ashley Mitchell

Ashley looking to practice elegant swimming. She should hit up Esther for lessons on the fabulous float technique. 

Ashley has words for Bananas’ “paint me like one of your french girls” moment. 

6. Rogan O’Connor

Rogan responding to a fans Tweet.

7. Kam Williams

Kam loving Ninja Natalie’s energy and defending her sides “karma” gameplay. 

8. Dee Nguyen

Nicole and Dee bonding over their fears. 


Dee’s responses during Theo’s speech saga and Rogan’s strip tease. 

9. Stephen Bear

Bear being all cutesy and recognizing The Challenge’s legend status. 

10. Idris Virgo

Idris patting himself on the back for avoiding elimination and making it further than Johnny Bananas. 

11. Josh Martinez

Josh loved this daily challenge. 

12. Natalie Ninja Duran

Ninja reiterating Calhon’s sentiments that she is in fact not a swimmer. She does make a good point about ninjas avoiding water. 

This tweet to Turbo and Theo was hilarious. 

Who had the best Tweets this week?


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