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Will Chase ever win over the vets?

Chase isn’t exactly impressing fellow Challengers...yet In another ‘First Impressions’ video, we see Kam express disinterest, Bananas compare Chase to a houseplant, Amanda size up his polidicking skills, Paulie reflect on their days wrestling on Ex on the Beach, and...

“Ninja” Natalie has the Challenge World Shook

The official Challenge Twitter page released a first impression of “Ninja” Natalie, and it’s safe to say the girls’ attention has been captured, and the guys are vying for a potential partnership. In the video, Nany can’t believe they’d cast an actual athlete, Cara...

Vets Name Their Vet Targets

Amanda has a laundry list, Wes and Bananas are looking at each other, Jenna and Zach seem to have agreed on a strategy pre-season, and Leroy has a sense of humor about his lack of power. Check out the full video here:...

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