Alan MTV

This past week, The Challenge social media accounts have been posting the vet’s first impressions of the prospects. Today they released Alan Valdez’s video and let’s just say things took an interesting turn.

In the video we see Zach call Alan a wallflower, Bananas suggest MTV place a translator in the house to understand him, Kam claim he’s lost and confused and should go elsewhere and many other harsh comments for the prospect. Of course us long time Challenge fans know that most of the interviews are done in good fun and the shade isn’t meant to sting with sincerity. However Alan is new and he immediately took to Instagram to fire back and we are a fan of these shots.


He calls Jenna out for not understanding what an influencer is when she is one herself…


Here he goes at Nany… 


And of course he had to get Bananas in…


Unsurprisingly the cast responded and Nany definitely said it best.

Nany MTV


Check out the full video here:


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