1) How’d Wes know what I was doing last week?


2) Bear we’re going to have to fight because you’re playing my girl Georgia.

Bear Nany

3) Leroy’s confessional coincided with Da’Vonne’s version of this love square about Kam playing games with Leroy.

4) Cara Maria against Natalie was a random drawing? I call BS. I see you production!

war of the worlds mtv

5) I’m shocked to see Nany do so well and Turbo do so poorly.

Nany Carmen

6) Hunter’s arms are giving? All you have is arms, Mr. Beefcake. You better get all 10.

7) I can never unsee Gus’ face like that.

Gus Challenge

8) Love him or hate him, Paulie is an amazing competitor.

Bunim Murray

9) Josh doesn’t know who called his name? I’ll give you one very obvious guess.

10) “The best policy is always lying.” “Did you kiss her? No, I wasn’t even there.” I’m slowly starting to see why people like Bear. He’s the Brad Volpe of the actual Challenge. A lovable troll.

Bear Georgia

11) We’re only on episode 6 and there have been four guys that have wanted Nany. I don’t know what this girl has but I need some of it.

Nany Hunter

12) What Nany said about Kam also fits Da’Vonne’s side of the story. I guess we know now who we probably should believe.

13) Shaleen should probably be happy that she’s in elimination. She was finally able to get some camera time.

Shaleen MTV

14) It was really classy of Leroy to privately tell Bear that he was being a poor sport and needs to chill.

Leroy Bear

15) I can’t tell who’s the most cocky. Wes, Bear or Paulie?

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