EPISODE 5 War of the Worlds RECAP!

🚨Come join us while we discuss episode 5 live right after The Challenge on Wednesday! 🚨 Special guest star: Hannah Okosisi will be joining Shanni! Come put a face behind the infamous Hannah's Hit List🌟🌟🌟 The Challenge #thechallenge33

Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

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Shanni welcomes a special guest star for this week’s episode, Hannah Okosisi! Hannah produces all the content for the Hannah’s Hit List section of the Saniac website. Listen as Hannah and Shanni unpack episode 5 of MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds.


Recap Hit List:

  • The Amanda tape situation
    • Viacom trying to cover it up
    • Da’vonne’s perspective
    • #showusthefootage
  • Glittergate
  • Turbo and Nany
  • Daily Challenge
    • Bear and Da’vonne’s dynamic
    • Hunter falling behind Georgia
    • Paulie and Ninja’s clear dominance
    • Winners and results
  • Nominations
  • Tribunal drama
    • Zach Vs Cara
    • Da’vonne’s tears and Bear’s cartwheels
  • Tribunal aftermath
    • Mattie supporting Zahida
    • Poker game
  • Voting strategy
  • Killing floor
    • Cara’s speech and Jenna’s shutdown
    • Voting
    • Elimination breakdown: Light’s Out
    • Results
Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds

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