EP 16: The One With The Evelation (MTV Total Madness FINAL)

Tune in for our thoughts on last night's final.

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Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Thursday, July 16, 2020

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The season has come to an end. Shanni and Zach recapped the finale of Total Madness, and shared their thoughts on a number of topics including: Johnny’s legacy after his 7th win, Jenny’s dominant victory, the difficulty level of this final, and the amount of times Cory mentioned that he was competing for his daughter. We had some questions about the structure of the final, and whether or not the elimination was necessary. We also paid respect to all of the throwback jams that were packed into this episode. Near the end, we discussed our plans for the offseason. If those kinds of things interest you, fee free to take a listen.

Have you rated the podcast on iTunes yet? 5 stars please.

Follow us on Instagram @shannisuissa and @zcal77

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