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Zach and Shanni predicted this outcome. Here we are another week into War of the Worlds watching another Challenge OG go home.

Recap Hit List:

  • Elimination celebration
    • Paulie’s campaign against Bananas
  • Team USA meeting
    • Josh’s speech
    • Paulie and Bananas’ deal
  • Daily Challenge: Hooked
    • Reminiscent of some OG challenges
    • Individual time comparisons
    • Sad state of swimming as a Challenge skill
    • Jordan’s commentary
  • Tribunal
    • CT playing a weak PC game
    • Inner turmoil on team UK
  • Night Out
    • ROGAN
    • Zach and Ninja’s reconciliation
    • Cara’s campaign and tears
  • Proving Ground: Die For Me
    • Votes
    • TJ calling them out
    • Elimination rundown


Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds

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