1. It’s an odd turn around when generally hot-headed Nelson has to be the one to keep his cool since he’s partnered with Shane.

2. Angela is foolish to think that Da/Vonne/Jozea would pick her over their fellow Big Brother people.

3. I can’t tell if CT is amusing me, making me uncomfortable or if those poses are low key attractive.


4. I give Derrick props for trying to polidick. For a second, I thought it was working a little.

Da'vonne Rogers Derrick Henry

5. Who knew Zach could be so sensitive?

6. If Natalie can’t compete in eliminations, how does she expect to get to a final and win? Even just going to a final would be more of an achievable goal.

7. That reading turned from RuPaul’s Drag Race to Bad Girls Club real quick.

RuPaul Bad Girls Club

8. I feel bad for Cara finding out about Ashley during a time where she couldn’t get away from them at all.

Cara Maria

9. I almost wish that Paulie/Natalie earned their way back into the house because they have a couple of ties. It might’ve changed things up opposed to Jozea/Da’Vonne being lone rangers and easy targets.

Da'vonne and Jozea MTV

10. Shane must feel threatened if he feels the need to scheme to get a rookie team out.

11. Nelson did to Hunter what Ashley just did to Cara. Nelson kissed Ashley and had no remorse for Hunter’s feeling’s. It may not have been sex but it’s still a similar situation.

Ashley Mitchell Hunter Barfield

12. If I were Kayleigh and Da’Vonne, I’d be completely over dangling upside down over cold water.

MTV The Challenge

13. Kam can’t make “another” power move if she didn’t make one to begin with. It was definitely a smart move. It just was not a power move.

14. I’m curious to hear Zach puking without all the music to see if he’s truly as loud as he claims.

Zach Nichols

15. Cara and Kam are entirely too far behind everyone. They need to pick it up.

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