1. They make it seem like Cara and Kam are eating all slowly and politely which annoys me considering there’s a time limit.

Cara Maria

2. We can all say a lot of things about Cara but I don’t think any of us could say she’s ugly.

3. Everyone saying that Bad Girls Club members will ruin the show, let’s use this fight between Cara, Amanda, and Ashley — It’s exactly what would happen in Bad Girls Club with girls from other shows. A show title doesn’t fully define the people on it.

Ashley and Amanda

4. I wish Marie and Cara were friends outside of the show seeing how often Marie has Cara’s back inside the house.

Marie Roda

5. I’m pretty sure Amanda never takes accountability for how she behaves. If she doesn’t think she’s malicious or mean, she may just be a bit delusional.

6. That Kumbaya between Kayleigh and Natalie didn’t last long.

Paulie and Kam

7. This is one of the scarier challenges there’s been.

MTV The Challenge

8. Cara has been doing this show for way too long to be too scared to do a challenge.

Cara and Marie

9. Wasn’t Amanda the one just talking crap about Cara giving up? At least Cara stayed up there the whole time.

Amanda and Zach

10. I’m so excited for this power shift now that Bananas and Tony have won. I hope they shake things up.

Tony and Bananas


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