1. Ashley turned that around to make herself the victim. Hunter doesn’t care that she slept with Kyle. He cares that she lied.

Ashley Mitchell MTV

2. Hunter went too far. You don’t bring family into it.

3. We’ve all seen that there’s a valid reason Bananas has been targeting Shane.

4. I respect Nelson so much for not playing a scared game.

Shane Landrum Nelson

5. I forgot this was Kyle’s first elimination. No wonder he looks so nervous.

6. Part of me wants Kyle to lose just so he has to see Paulie again. The other part of me wants Shane to lose to split up some of the Lavender Ladies.

7. Kyle and Brad got smoked. Shane and Nelson have been a solid team this season. It wouldn’t be too bad to lose to them.

MTV The Challenge

8. Does Kyle really like Cara still? Maybe this was just so he could brag to Paulie about Cara having his jewelry.

9. That was a letdown with there being no confrontation between Kyle and Paulie.

Paulie MTV

10. I wish TJ would’ve called out the quitters from the last challenge when he said they aren’t trying hard to not lose.

11. Jozea and Da’Vonne should’ve known to pay attention to the graffiti. If this isn’t a Big Brother type of challenge, I don’t know what is.

Big Brother Comics

12. It’s a shame that only one person knew to look at the writing on the walls.

13.  I give Amanda props for winning that for them but she’s overly cocky if she believes they’ll win every single daily challenge. Slow your roll a little bit.

Amanda Garcia MTV

14. Cara Maria is being a rude teammate. She clearly wasn’t giving Marie any solid long branches.

Marie Roda


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