1) No one should be scared to go against Bananas and Tony in elimination. Every other team has a really good shot at beating them.

2) Cara very blatantly was looking for more than friendship from Paulie.

Cara Maria and Paulie

3) Kyle and Paulie are both talking big and bad, but I can’t imagine either of them doing anything without more people/security between them.

Kyle Christie Brad Fiorenza Paulie Calafiore

4) Why would Da’Vonne stick with Nelson? She’d be at the very bottom of the Lavender Ladies’ totem pole. It’s not that appealing of an offer.

5) For once, I’m going to give Amanda the benefit of the doubt and blame editing for making it seem like she got mad at Zach for talking to Tony, his close friend.

Zach Nichols Johnny Bananas

6) Did Zach not go back and watch Vendettas to see that Tony was ready to say his name?

7) I often wonder if people like Amanda, go back and watch these episodes and feel bad about how they behaved.

Amanda Garcia

8) My face reflects everyone else’s on the show when Zach walked into the Armageddon.

Sylvia Marie

9) That sure did backfire on Amanda. She really thought she had Zach’s hands tied, and he proves that to be false.

Johnny Bananas Tony Raines Amanda Garcia Zach Nichols

10) If Zach is a child throwing a fit, what exactly is it that Shane always does?

11) I wanted Zach to keep pushing the limits with Amanda and insist on choosing Joss and Sylvia.

Da'vonne Rogers Jozea Flores Zach Nichols Amanda Garcia

12) Neither Cory nor Devin should be considered mercenaries.

devin walker and cory wharton

13) I wanted Zach to remain in the game, but I was happy that a Lavender Lady was out the game. Then they just had to have counteracted that good moment by bringing in a Young Buck and making the same alliance continue to dominate.

mtv armageddon


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