1) Those Lavender Ladies are really trying to hype Amanda up as if she succeeded in not giving Zach his way.

Johnny Bananas Tony Raines Amanda Garcia Zach Nichols

2) I don’t know why none of them realize that they did the exact same thing that Bananas and Tony did. Not a single person volunteered to go in.

Hunter Barfield Ashley Mitchell

3) Hate to break it to you Ashley but eventually you’ll have to vote for a friend. I am eagerly awaiting that day.

Ashley Mitchell MTV

4) Hunter and Ashley have horrible communication. They could be such a good team if they communicated better.

Ashley Mitchell

5) I’m shocked that Marie beat Cara Maria down the building. Does Cara have popcorn muscles like Derrick H?

Cara Maria and Marie Roda

6) I knew Nelson and Shane were a good team but I never imagined either of them having that much endurance.

Nelson Thomas Shane Landrum

7) Those Lavender Ladies and Young Bucks are once again acting like children. Bananas and Tony were respectful during your runs so be classy and do the same in return. If you can’t win by your merits alone, maybe you don’t deserve the million dollars.

MTV The Challenge

8) I’m ready for Cara Maria and Bananas to be a thing.

Johnny Bananas Cara Maria

9) Ashley can’t talk to other people about it “just being a game” or “don’t get upset”. Isn’t this the girl that threatens to quit every single season?

Ashley Mitchell Shane Landrum

10) Sylvia should’ve been kicked off for head butting Marie. I guess the producers thinks she brings something to the show since the rules about violence don’t apply to her.

Sylvia Marie Marie Roda

11) Hunter is talking about cutting off Bananas’ minions each week as if he’s been in the game from the start.

12) This is the longest they’ve shown each team talk in deliberation and it’s the dumbest one to show. We all know they’re choosing Cara and Marie and why they’re doing it.

Ashley Mitchell Sylvia Marie Shane Landrum

13) We’ve seen Marie act nice to Cara plenty of times but this is the first time I’ve seen Cara return the sentiment.

Cara Maria

14) Did Nelson really try to brag about his elimination record while going against Cara of all people?

Cara Maria Sorbello


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