1) Shane says immature things on Twitter that no one can take seriously. Marie will shut you down with well formed arguments. The only person I’ve seen Marie lose to is Paulie – as shocking as that is.

2) Shane cannot say that someone else is petty when he just threatened to spill her secrets online just for choosing him in this elimination.

Shane Landrum Marie Roda Cara Maria
3) I was very ready for the girls to win. I’m disappointed that they couldn’t pull through. I thought for sure that the walls would be thicker for the guys as an equalizer.

Cara Maria Sorbello
4) Amanda and Zach both made some valid arguments. They just need to find some middle ground.

5) I know Kyle is just trying to save his own ass but he makes a fair point. Kam and Kayleigh are basically honorary Lavender Ladies.

6) Kam didn’t jump into the argument so Brad should’ve done the same.

Brad Fiorenza Kyle Christie7) We’re living in the 2018 century… I think Nelson may be the dumbest person to have ever been on the show.

8) I’m disappointed that Zach and Amanda had to go out this way but I’m also relieved that we won’t have to see Amanda anymore this season.

9) Kam’s plan would’ve worked had she not gotten overly cocky and told Kyle.

10) Another redemption house? I’m over it now.

11) This redemption challenge seems fun but anxiety invoking.

MTV Challenge
12) I am so proud of Marie for doing that by herself. I’ve wanted to see that fire in her.

Cara Maria Marie Roda
13) I know Kyle wants to get back into the game but he’s being a little excessive with spinning Natalie.

14) I think that Paulie’s constant support is what helped make Natalie finally confident enough to win.

Natalie and Paulie


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