1) A man asking another man to spank him should not be used in any legitimate argument.

Nelson Thomas MTV

2) While I don’t normally agree with Kam’s gloating, I am loving her doing it to Kyle. He deserved it after trying to relentlessly hurl Natalie around that cage.

Kyle Christie Natalie Negrotti

3) I’d be pissed too if someone threw my pasta out a window. Don’t mess with my pasta.

4) It almost looked liked Cory tried to get Tony off of him, slipped, recovered quickly, and made it seem like it was an intentional slam.

Tony Raines

5) Has Nelson watched every season of every show he’s been on? He always makes situations bigger deals than they have to be.

Johnny Bananas Nelson Thomas

6) Besides Hunter, I don’t think any of the Young Bucks or Lavender Ladies can manage to have confrontations on their own or without at least an audience.

Joss Mooney Cory Wharton Hunter Barfield Nelson Thomas

7) Both Bananas and Devin make sense. Devin is right about being in Bananas’ head. But Bananas is correct to say that Devin’s whole storyline comes from what Devin tries to get from Bananas.

8) While I don’t agree with Bananas bringing up Devin’s father, I don’t fully blame him either. He kept walking away but Devin kept harassing him. Bananas anger finally boiled over, and he took a cheap shot. It wasn’t a good thing to do but one could argue that he was pushed to it.

Johnny Bananas Devin Walker

9) I do feel bad seeing how hurt Devin looks. I hope Bananas has gone out of his way to apologize in person and not just on a confessional.

Joss Mooney Devin Walker

10) I rewound and saw the foot like Devin said. Now it seems like more of a ninja move by Cory knowing that it wasn’t an accident.

Cory Wharton Tony Raines

11) This challenge isn’t going to expose any alliances. There are only two and the lines between them are clearly drawn.

12) I was super excited for them to do a trivia challenge and hopefully redeem themselves from that crappy one on Vendettas. Sadly, they ruined this one too with all of these extremely easy questions.

MTV Challenge


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