1) If people are scared to call out Bananas and Tony, they’re idiots. Neither of those guys are particularly good in eliminations.

CT Bananas

2) I’m going to need Brad to get advice from CT, Derrick and Darrell on how to behave maturely on TV when you’re a grown man with kids at home. Brad is acting like a jerk like Kyle but Kyle is young and single and isn’t held to the same standards as Brad.

3) If I’m recalling correctly, Natalie would have had a girlfriend at home during this time. If that’s so, why is she curious about Bananas’ relationship with Angela?

Cara Maria

4) Marie may be helping saving herself for this one elimination but eventually her friends are just going to turn on her again.

Ashley Mitchell Sylvia Marie Marie Roda Shane Landrum

5) This was Natalie’s game during her Big Brother season. Flirt with all the guys and then latch onto one for safety. It’s not surprising that she’s doing it again.

Hunter Barfield Natalie Negrotti

6) I’m in agreement with Bananas even though I know he was kidding. Him and Cara should be together.

Cara Maria Johnny Bananas

7) Nelson and Shane honestly do act like they’re in a relationship with one another.

Nelson Thomas Shane Landrum

8) Cara Maria is not a very good actress.

Cara Maria Marie Roda

9) That awkward moment when the flashback showing some of Sylvia’s eliminations wins includes one where she lost.

Sylvia Marie Jenna Compono

10) I wonder if one person is allowed to hold the platform steady while the other builds. That seems like it’d be helpful if allowed.

MTV Challenge

11) Hunter is and always has been really good at challenges like this.

Hunter Barfield

12) Nelson is the opposite of Hunter. He is and always has been really bad at challenges like this.

Nelson Thoman

13) So glad we finally get see Paulie’s skills. He always did well on the eliminations/redemption challenges he’s been in but no one gave him credit since Natalie lost it for them.

Paulie Calafiore

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