1) The show is close to the final, so who deemed it smart to bring back not just one but two teams from redemption?

2) I’m already feeling bad in advance for whatever team has to go against Kam and Kayleigh. The equalizers are never equal for the men.

Brad Fiorenza Kyle Christie Kayleigh Morris Kam Williams

3) Brad and Kyle lost to Shane and Nelson before. I doubt they’d choose them again and possibly have their egos crushed again.

Nelson Shane Kyle Brad MTV

4) Kam may be really smart or Brad and Kyle may just be really stupid. Kam’s plan of having the numbers laid out first was obviously the best strategy.


5) Bananas is not trustworthy, I agree, but Natalie is naive if she doesn’t realize she’ll be at the bottom of the TYB and LL totem pole if Nelson and Shane come back.

6) As everyone was leaving Armageddon, Paulie put his arm around Cara while holding Natalie’s hand. I really feel like they were, and still are, in a three person relationship.

cara paulie natalie

7) I’m actually impressed with Sylvia for keeping up with Joss.

Sylvia Marie Joss Mooney


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