1) Thank goodness production knew that fan trivia challenge just was not going to cut it for us viewers.

MTV Challenge

2) I thought we were finally going to have a season where Ashley did not have an irrational temper tantrum. Clearly I was wrong.

Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield

3) I don’t care that Paulie chose to have Bananas and Tony eliminated from trivia. I care that Natalie let him. She has to know good and gosh darn well that Bananas would’ve had her back.

4) I truly think that Paulie will be a force to be reckoned with in future seasons. Someone in Challenge Fans/Talk said that Paulie reminds them of young Wes and I can totally see that.

Wes Bergman

5) I think the reason Natalie was able to pull off this elimination is because she didn’t have to do anything extreme under pressure. All she had to do was keep her arms up. Still, a win is a win.

Natalie and Bananas
6) I have a hard time believing that Paulie and Cara had not hooked up on the show.

7) Here are my predictions on who would steal or share the money —

  • Cara and Marie would both share. They’ve come a long way together and I can’t imagine either of them taking each other for granted.
  • Paulie and Natalie would also both share. I think that’s self explanatory seeing their interactions with one another throughout the season.
  • I feel that Ashley and Hunter would both steal because they do not get along.
  • Joss I think would steal. I don’t think he cares about Sylvia enough to want to share. Sylvia though, would share I think. I don’t think she’s the type of person to do that to someone else.

MTV Final Reckoning


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