1. I’m glad that Kam and Kayleigh got to stay in the game.

2. I’m going to be honest, every time Cara flirts with Paulie this season, I’m going to be somewhat annoyed.


3. I think we’re all with Cara about only liking one person in each of the pairs.

4. Were Bananas and Natalie really a thing? I can no longer tell if it was just for publicity or not.

5. If Natalie often plays the victim, it’s no wonder why her and Cara are friends.

Natalie Negrotti

6. Anyone else notice Faith call Cara Maria “Cara Marie?”

7. It’s kind of awkward seeing Kyle, Cara, Paulie, and Faith all sitting on a chair together while both guys flirt with Cara.

8. Jenna already seems checked out of this season.

9. I really disliked Chuck on Are You the One, but he’s not seeming as bad right now.

10. Britni has a point. Chuck should’ve apologized before they got on the show if he really felt that bad.

11. I’m dying. Da’Vonne’s description of Britni was spot on. She was definitely acting.

Jenna Compono, Britni Thorton, Jemmye Caroll

12. Brad and Britni are still together, right? I’m curious how he reacted to hearing that Britni was still attracted to Chuck.

13. Faith shouldn’t have to keep a grown woman’s emotions in check. Angela needs to get it together.

Angela Babicz

14. Zach’s comment is cracking me up. “All you have to do is throw a pillow at her to break her.” I live for his one-liners.

15. It’d make sense for Bananas to like Angela. I can sort of see physical similarities between her and Natalie.

Angela Babicz and Natalie Negrotti

16. Angela is being a brat. It wasn’t that serious. To remain mad for pillows is just ridiculous.

17. Is Shane really the one to talk about other people trying to be cool and relevant?

Shane Landrum

18. Kind of gross, but when Tori said, “UGO droppage,” I immediately imagined poop falling out of the sky.

18.1. Is “droppage” even a word?

19. Having Tony as a partner is a step up from Devin.

Jonny Bananas and Tony Raines

20. Does Joss not like Tony? Anyone know anything about this?

joss mooney

21. Tony really was Bananas’ shadow up until recently.

22. If CT is this frustrated this early on, it’s not going to be a good season for them.

CT and Veronica Portillo

23. I’m surprised how well Angela and Faith did. I hope they keep it up.

24. It amuses me how Kyle isn’t afraid to admit that he’s jealous.

25. That was a perfect description of Derrick that Bananas said. I’ve been saying that but could never word it quite so perfectly.

26. I feel so bad for Tori.

27. Why’s Shane’s face a little bloody? Did his face hit Bananas’ or something?

28. I feel like Kyle and Brad are going to be a consistently good team throughout this entire season.

Kyle Ritchie


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