1) Did production completely forget that none of us viewers liked the grenades?

The Challenge MTV

2) A 4K run? I did one of those and I’m not even in shape. Albeit I walked most of it. Point is, I expect something longer and intense for the final. Plenty of people can easily do 4K runs.

3) I knew Paulie and Natalie were runners but this is the first time we really got to see it in action. It sucks that Natalie missed the turn. I wonder how long it took her to notice.

Paulie Calafiore

4) I need to see Paulie and Joss race. They’re both quick and have great endurance. It’d be one heck of a battle.

Joss Mooney

5) One of my favorite daily challenges ever is the one on Rivals 3 where they had to stand on the platforms all night. This part of the final is giving me part of that challenge again and I love it.

Rivals 3

6) I immediately thought Cara was complaining to complain but looking at them, Marie was leaning against Cara.

Marie Roda and Cara Maria

7) I’m confused. First it started off with Cara and Marie wanting to mess with the other players. Then it got too serious when they started throwing Paulie’s girlfriend into it. Now there’s a screaming match. I don’t understand how any of these transitioned into one another.

Cara & Marie MTV

8) Paulie just turned this into Big Brother and for once, I actually appreciate it. I think it was smart of him.

Paulie Calafiore

9) I think this shows the heart that the new kids lack. I don’t think any vet would’ve taken that deal in a final. They’d try their hardest to win each and every leg of the final.

10) What’s up with the really nice sleeping situation? This is a final not a vacation.

11) Supportive Cara didn’t last long.

Cara & Marie

12) Joss should be more mad at Natalie than Paulie.

13) What Cara just said is exactly what I was trying to say on point number 9.

14) Walking across the coals looked like nothing. If it’s that easy to walk across, it should not be in the final.

15) There was no puzzle. How do you  have a final without a puzzle?

Camila MTV

16) I’m shocked that Sylvia defended Ashley stealing the money. I’d think she’d realize that Ashley wasn’t all that good
to Hunter either. Plus Ashley gave her grenade to one of her “best friends.” Clearly Ashley is not completely the victim.

Ashley MTV

17) Ashley can’t be the biggest asshole in Challenge history when Bananas did the same thing to Sarah. They can tie as the biggest assholes.

Bananas and Sarah

Ashley and Hunter

18) I thought Paulie would share the money with Natalie had they won because they seem so close. His confessional now makes it pretty dang clear that he would’ve stolen the money.

19) I hate that the other teams don’t get any money. It made the entire season for naught.

MTV Challenge

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