1) I’m so happy to not have the Miz as the reunion host!

The Miz

2) Hunter just spoke the truth. Only people who agreed with Ashley are her Lavender Ladies.

Lavender Ladies

3) I love how Ashley can run her mouth to the men that won’t do anything to her but as soon as Da’Vonne called her out, Ashley did not carry that same energy that she did with the men.

Da'vonne Rogers

4) I don’t understand how Faith and Angela are “thirsty thots” but not Cara. Whatever they are, they’re all lumped together in it.

Paulie Cara Faith Marie

5) Nelson could talk to other girls if he and Kayleigh weren’t together. But it’s also extremely wrong of him to go to London, profess his love to her, then go send sexy pictures to other girls from inside Kayleigh’s house. That just shows how much respect he has for her.

6) Is Cara going to have a serious case of RBF(resting bitch face) throughout the whole reunion?

7) Paulie has to be threatened by Kyle if he feels the need to assert his dominance over Kyle.

Paulie Calafiore

8) Does Shane need to go back to rewatch the season to be reminded about how he “respects women?”

9) Cory is admitting that slamming Tony was wrong. So why can’t Tony admit he was wrong too for provoking Cory?

10) I truly believe that Devin originally thought that Cory slipped. Especially since he had no problem going back later and saying that it definitely wasn’t an accident once he saw the footage.

11) Devin wants Bananas to hit him but Bananas is far too smart to ever fall for that.

Devin Vs Bananas


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