1. Oh yeah, this challenge is so different because you’re paired with your vendetta. This concept definitely hasn’t been done three times before. Five times actually if you include Battle of the Exes.

2. I wonder if Angela and Faith agreed to both hook up with powerful players to get further. 

MTV Challenge

3. The people Tony mentioned being aligned with were, for the most part, aligned with Bananas first.

4. Obviously Tori cheating on Derrick isn’t right at all but he can’t keep harping on her about it when he cheats all the time too. Maybe he didn’t on her but he has done it to other females

5. Oh my gosh. “Dirty pirate hooker love triangle.” So many visuals are flashing through my head right now.

Pirate Sex

6. What has Paulie done to put a target on his back? Hooking up with Cara after Kyle ghosted Cara isn’t really a mistake on Paulie’s part.

7. I get what Paulie was saying when he said, “If you put me in over Cara, that makes you a pussy.” He’s just saying that if Kyle should punish anyone, it should be Cara rather than Paulie which I agree with.

8. I don’t think Amanda realizes that Shane doesn’t have anyone’s back besides his own. We’ve seen him betray friends before.

9. Did Shane really start out that conversation with, “I like Kyle” then proceed to bash Kyle a bunch? It’s a shame that a grown man is proud of trying to publicly humiliate someone.

Shane Landrum

10. Clearly an apology would not truly be from the heart since Shane was just laughing about everything he did on Twitter.

11. I don’t agree with Kayleigh outing Natalie but her reasoning behind it kind of made sense to me.

12. It’s okay, CT. As long as Derrick is around, you and Veronica won’t be the layup team.

Chris CT Tamburello

13. Kyle is getting too cocky. I don’t like it.

14. I haven’t seen CT freak out so much before. He’s usually sitting pretty.

15. Bananas is such an awkward flirter. Cue flashback to him flirting with Natalie on Vendettas.

Johnny Bananas Natalie Negrotti

16. Kam needs to go on Big Brother. That’s the place for people that shout in confessionals.

17. I hope that sometime during this season, the power vote will be the difference between having someone go in or not.

Amanda Garcia Zach Nichols Johnny Bananas Tony Raines Kayleigh Morris Kam Williams

18. I don’t think Tori trained to come back and beat Kam. Maybe trained to be better but not to specifically beat Kam.

19. Marie is being kind of dumb with their vote but I’m not fond of Cara Maria belittling her.

Cara Maria Marie Roda

20. I’m pretty amused about how serious Marie looked when she responded, “sometimes” to Cara asking if Marie is an idiot.

21. Faith and Angela are at a pretty sucky disadvantage being the only team there that hasn’t had either of them on at least one previous season.

Angela Babicz

22. Joss and Sylvia were such a random vote for Natalie and Paulie.

Paulie Calafiore Natalie Negrotti

23. Cara maria shouldn’t have snitched on Marie but I think Cara is right to only trust Natalie and Tori. She knows they have each other’s backs opposed to Marie’s alliances where she’s normally lower down on the totem pole.

Natalie Negrotti Tori Deal Cara Maria

24. Britni calling Chuck, “Charles” gave me old married couple vibes.

25. I want to see more of Chuck. If he doesn’t come back from redemption, I hope they cast him for another season.

Chuck Mowery

26. How can Nelson be shocked that he got votes against him knowing who is partner is and who the winners of the challenge were. Yes, I know Brad and Kyle didn’t vote them in but Nelson didn’t know that.

27. I wonder if Natalie and Paulie could’ve tied the votes had they chosen Angela and Faith rather than Joss and Sylvia. 

Sylvia Marie Joss Mooney

28. I like the platforms that light up. Very dramatic.

MTV Challenge Final Reckoning

29. I don’t think Amanda should’ve said that it was a bitch move from Paulie to not choose a male. Seems like it was ultimately Natalie’s decision since she has an actual grudge against Kayleigh.

30. Kam is making it look easy with that bungee cord.

MTV Final Reckoning Armageddon

31. Kam earned that win fully and I’m happy for her. I just hope we don’t have to hear her bragging about it all the time.

32. I do like how Kam called Kayleigh, “Killer Kayleigh.” I like Kam supporting her partner like that.

Kayleigh Morris Kam Williams


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