1. Kyle has seriously been acting like a jerk. Why didn’t we see this on Vendettas?

2. How is Natalie going to protect her Big Brother people when they’re all in redemption?

3. That’s really sweet that Brad got Britni a birthday gift ahead of time.

4. Paulie sounds like he’s playing Big Brother rather than the Challenge.

5. Who makes up blatant lies like Paulie did — and then tell the people in advance that you’re going to lie?

Paulie Calafiore

6. If I were Britni and I was able to see Brad at the redemption challenge, I’d tell him the truth before Paulie ever had a chance to lie.

7. I have to be honest, those vaginal references completely went over my head.

8. I’ve doubted how serious Zach is about Jenna but seeing him talk now, I believe he truly does love her.

Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono

9. We’ve been seeing Bananas lose his cool a lot more these past couple of seasons. Normally he looks unbothered. Maybe he feels that his reign is coming to an end.

10. The way Zach explained how Bananas only goes after new girls, kind of makes Bananas seem a bit pervy…

Johnny Bananas and Angela Babicz

11. Seeing the tweets between Nelson and Kayleigh today, I’m taking everything they say about each other with a grain of salt.

12. I don’t think that any girl, besides Britni, would walk around half naked next to her ex-boyfriend. I can only assume she wants him to still be attracted to her.

Britni Thorton

13. It’s so important that Paulie “takes the reins” on choosing a random double cross. Clearly he has a competitive edge when it comes to complete and utter guessing.

14. Okay, I take my previous comment back. I guess he does have Jordan type of luck when it comes to a double cross.

Jordan Wisely

15. I don’t know why some people acted shocked. The redemption house is completely expected now.

Faith Stowers Angela Babicz

16. Tony isn’t going to clap? Why? You can not like Paulie and still politely clap. No need for that immaturity.

17. I like that Paulie isn’t scared to stand up to the vets, but I think that’s really bad gameplay unless his goal is to make the whole house hate him.

MTV Final Reckoning

18. What is Amanda going on about? Paulie literally can’t go head-to-head against the boys because they aren’t even in redemption. He took the next best thing. Makes sense to me.

19. I wanted to see a season again with Jenna competing alongside Zach and Kailah. Obviously that hasn’t worked out like I hoped it would.

Kailah Casillas Jenna Compono

20. It kind of weirds me out everytime Paulie talks about wanting to psychologically break people. I don’t think that any rational person would say that.

21. This redemption challenge would’ve been unfair to Jenna and Jemmye being that they’re two females, and this was about upper body strength.

22. Does Marie have an actual problem with Natalie or is Natalie just guilty by association for being friends with Cara?

Marie Roda

23. I’m excited to see how Da’Vonne and Jozea do in the house. Will people’s remembrance of Jozea’s behavior from Champs vs Stars hinder him during Final Reckoning? We shall see.

Da'Vonne Rogers Jozea Flores

24. I think Natalie is one of the more in-shape females that are currently on the show. She’d do well if she learned to stop cracking under pressure.

25. Neither of these elimination losses have been Paulie’s fault, so I’m curious to see how he’ll do on another season without Natalie as a partner.

Paulie Calafiore

26. I’m kind of agreeing with Tori about Paulie needing a padded house…

27. I know this is terrible but I find it kind of funny seeing how Brad’s face changed after Paulie dropped that bomb on him.

Brad Fiorenza

28. Scratch that. It’s funny seeing all of their face’s dropping.

29. Did MTV really just take an hour of people’s lives to show us one lousy redemption challenge?


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