1. I’ve been thinking that Angela using Bananas was one sided but the way Tony talked about it made it seem like Bananas is using Angela too.

2. Tori and Derrick haven’t lost constantly. There’s only been one challenge so far. I do imagine many more losses to come though.

3. No no, Veronica, I think CT really is mad. There is no acting involved. 

Joss Tony Bananas CT Kam MTV

4. Brad reminds me of Tony in how he talks about wanting to better his kids’ lives but doesn’t actually seem like it matters that much to him. Actions speak louder than words.

5. I do think Britni genuinely cares about Brad, but it does seem like it’s Chuck who she truly wants.

Brad Fiorenza

6. Jozea should’ve exchanged that info about Britni for safety from Brad.

7. How can Faith see that Nelson is sexually frustrated. Unless Faith really has been flirting with Nelson like Kayleigh said.

8. This targeting the rookies thing is not new news. Again, there’s only been one challenge thus far. They couldn’t have been targeted that much yet.

Da'vonne Rogers Jozea Faith

9. Faith said she’ll start “talking” to Brad more now. She’s flirting with Kyle, Nelson, and soon Brad. One guy is strategy. Three sounds like the start of a catastrophe.

10. This whole surveillance video twist is boring for us as viewers because they aren’t even showing us what tea they got to see.

11. Da’Vonne is playing like Big Brother just like everyone else from her original show. Although for her, it feels like it’s going to work out more in her favor than it has for others.

Da'vonne Rogers

12. I thought Zach would’ve done better than that. Especially after see other people do better. He needs to not skip arm day anymore.

13. Geez Joss, have you ever watched past seasons? You need to help your partner across.

Sylvia MTV

14. Does anyone remember on Fresh Meat 2 when Wes thought it was a good idea to carry Mandi on his back during a daily challenge like this? At least Joss’ mess up wasn’t as bad as that I suppose.

15. CT is being a poor sport for trying to psych out Jozea. This isn’t Fear Factor.

Jozea MTV

16. I don’t really like Jozea, but I do respect him trying on this challenge and on Champs vs Stars when he knows that he isn’t comfortable in/around water. That’s more than some past challengers have done.

Jozea MTV

17. I think Bananas letting Tony go first shows that Bananas isn’t always as bad of a person that people think he is.

18. Shane and Nelson are actually going to be a pretty good team. Not the best but still pretty good.

Shane Landrum

19. Shane is speaking the truth about Derrick. He has popcorn muscles.

20. Overall who’s worst competitor? Veronica, Marie, or Derrick?

Veronica Marie Derrick

21. Kyle, Bananas, and Brad are all natural born challengers. Tony isn’t. He’s had to work and take multiple seasons to get to where he is now. Yes, he does well now, but he’s still not good enough to win against a pair of naturally good challengers(Brad and Kyle).

22. Kayleigh didn’t have to escalate things to a yelling match, but I agree with her. If Nelson, wants to be with her, he should not be flirting with other females.

Kayleigh Morris




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