1. Jozea needs to play with his mind instead of his emotions.

2. That whole apology from CT didn’t seem all that apologetic. It seemed more like a different approach to making her do what he wants.

Chris Tamburello

3. Derrick’s plan was even more based off of emotions than Jozea’s was. Jozea’s was plausible. Derrick beating Cara isn’t.

4. Marie and Ashley are kindred spirits with their multiple personalities.

Marie Roda

5. I’m honestly not exactly sure what Marie is paranoid about. First, she was talking about her alliances betraying her. Then, it turned into Da’Vonne and Jozea voting for her. I’m not following. Maybe I missed the transition between those two thoughts of hers.

Marie Roda Cara Maria

6. I know I say this every time, but I am more than ready for these burn votes to be done with.

Joss Mooney Sylvia Brad Fiorenza

7. The tie got me excited, but I was quickly over it after hearing the winners got to break the tie since there was only one obvious choice.

8. Okay, I’m excited again now that Jozea and Da’Vonne get to choose anyone to go against!

Zach Nichols Amanda Tony Raines MTV

9. Jozea was a punk for that move. He should’ve backed up his bark with a bite by choosing Shane.

10. No doubt Kam will win this, and her ego shall inflate even more.


11. On the shows Jozea has been on prior to this challenge season, I never liked him. On Final Reckoning, I haven’t minded him…until this episode. It reminded me of why he’s unlikable.

Jozea and Da'vonne Rogers

12. I can’t tell who’s winning or losing. I’m not sure if I’m paying close attention to this elimination because I’m captivated, or if it’s because I am thoroughly lost.

Da'vonne Rogers

13. I can’t imagine doing this for over 45 minutes in the cold. Kayleigh and Da’Vonne must have some heart.

Kayleigh Morris

14. Kam and Jozea are being amazing partners as they’re trying to help their partners get warm. Supportiveness makes me all mushy.

15. I’m sure Jozea thought to himself, “Who can I torture the best alongside my own partner?” As if. Jozea’s move was dumb, but Kam can’t act like she didn’t have it coming after her voting plan.

Kam Williams

16. I can somewhat understand why Tori’s upset, but she barely knows Da’Vonne and Jozea. She shouldn’t be this mad at them still.

17. I want all of the redemption teams back into the game. I want to see them all compete some more.

18. With Da’Vonne and Jozea pulling the double cross, I’m sure we’ll be seeing their fellows Big Brother players compete against them.

Jozea and Da'vonne


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