1) TJ’s reaction to the corny name of the challenge was amusing.

TJ Lavin

2) I’m tired of these “Tri” things having control. I was never fond of the troika on Vendettas.

3) I don’t even think that Bananas and Wes are really rivals anymore. I think they keep it going because they know it makes for good TV.

4) I don’t like Bananas and Cara trying to strong arm Amanda. There’s no problem with Amanda wanting to protect her friends.

Cara and Bananas

5) Wes has done the same exact thing. Waiting to send Bananas in until he has numbers/has already gotten rid of the rookies. All the vets do it.

6) Bananas shouldn’t have held the Devin/Nelson situation against Hunter. As he stated, he was trying to break it up. Bananas should respect that Hunter wasn’t just following his friends’ lead.

Bananas and Nelson MTV

7) I’d love to see Leroy and Hunter head to head in a physical elimination.

8) As we saw during the after show last week, Morgan is definitely just following Bananas. She shouldn’t form her opinions of others based off of one person she just met.

9) Amanda hates followers, but she’s Ashley’s follower. Why else would she sacrifice herself for Ashley each season?

MTV Amanda

10) Georgia and Bear are getting flirty in the background.

Bear and Georgia

11) Cara Maria and Bananas are getting power hungry already. They realized they have more allies than last season and are letting it get to their heads. It’s obnoxious.

Johnny Bananas

12) I’m glad Jenna is sticking up for herself, however, I don’t feel that was the time to do it. The argument didn’t involve her.

Nany Amanda Jenna

13) I don’t think Zach has a right to be mad at Jenna, but he is. If he wants to be left alone for now, leave him the heck alone, Jenna. Pressuring him to talk is making the situation worse.

Jenna and Zach MTV

14) Zach isn’t cut from the cloth of being a cheater? What’d he do to Jenna before then? I’m sure he’s changed, but there’s valid reason for Jenna to be hesitant about him sometimes.

15) I want Hunter to beat Ashley but what happened to him choosing Leroy?

16) I’m so mad he didn’t choose Leroy. This is the exact type of elimination I wanted him and Hunter to go against each other in.

MTV Challenge

17) I don’t think Josh has any room to call anyone else emotional.

Josh Martinez

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