The Nolan Twins!

Live interview with the fabulous Nolan sisters. Tune in and drop your q's in real time! The Nolan Twins Liz and Julia Nolan Fans The Challenge

Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Friday, March 15, 2019

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Liz and Julia originally appeared on Big Brother 17, with liz finishing second and taking home the 50k prize. The Nolan Twins have now made their MTV debut on the current season of The Challenge War of the Worlds. They have consistently posted content to YouTube for more than 4 years and have starred in music videos for Rick Ross and Lincoln Jesser. Both girls graduated from Layola New Orleans University and Liz graduated Cum Laude.

Interview Hit List:

  • War of the Worlds tea
    • The Julia Hunter hookup
    • The Shaleen bedroom drama
    • Nicest vets and prospects
  • Big Brother Vs The Challenge
    • Living in the Big Brother House Vs the Challenge house
      • Cabin fever – Austin, Hunter
      • Live feeds
      • Production involvement
    • BB fan hate Vs Challenge stan hate
      • Vanessa’s game play and emotions
  • Watching the Challenge growing up
    • Casting process for War of the Worlds
  • Youtube content
    • Squared twin channel
    • Music Videos
  • Influencer culture
    • Process for getting sponsors on social media
    • Ways to stay relevant and producing
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