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Kailah Casillas got her start on MTV’s The Real World 31: Go Big or Go Home. She’s appeared on 4 seasons of MTV’s The Challenge (Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning) and made the finals in Vendettas. Most recently she’s made an appearance on Lindsay Lohan’s new MTV show – Lohan’s Beach House.

Interview Hit List:

  • How Lohan’s Beach House differs from The Challenge
    • Zero organization
    • Constant confusion
    • No set format
    • Good TV vs good employee
  • Casting process
    • Rumor: the original cast member meant to go with Kailah instead of Kyle
  • Lindsay’s perspective on male female relationships
    • Double standards of the guys vs girl employees
    • The weird AF yacht conversation about Mikey
    • Brent the golden child
  • Job description at the club
  • Lindsay yelling at the DJ
    • Is Lohan the real Slim Shady? Is Ashley her mom?
  • Lindsay’s sobriety levels
    • Shanni’s exclusives on Lindsay’s nasal hobbies and Passover tears
  • Oprah? Oprah?
  • Getting fired
    • The messy room situation
  • Current friendship status with the cast members
  • Challenge Talk
    • Biggest downfall on the show
    • Elimination losses – Sylvia, Camilla
      • Losing to Camilla right before the final
    • Champs V Stars
      • Fun daily challenges
    • Hunter Ashley situation
    • Stan culture
    • Cara Maria
      • all the stories and more
  • Her new radio show: Kickin It With Kailah
  • Her first tattoo


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Kailah’s Lohan Beach House video recap: