Episode 4 Karma Chameleon here we go!

Everyone is returning to the bunker after lasts week crazy upset. The house is stewing with emotions. I can’t lie. I wasn’t a fan of this episode. I think the editing wasn’t that great. There wasn’t a whole lot going on, the fight that took place escalated into something crazy, the competition was meh, the elimination was a bit of an equalizer. I will try to bring some humor to this otherwise mundane episode.

Alright, so we have Kyle claiming only him and Jay are in the “beat CT club”, well Kyle, in the bunker, yes it is only the two of you. Still, pretty cheeky and a cute little celebration. We see Mattie and Ashley form what could be the shortest lived alliance in Challenge history, more on that later.

Then we have Kailah and Bear doing a little discussion and I am not clear who initiated it, but I enjoyed watching Aneesa eavesdrop on it! Kailah leaves and tells him he’s psycho. Kailah, girl at this point I am really wanting to route for you that you aren’t going to fall into his blue eyes and get lost in his veneers…..but social media already ratted you out.

Cue Bear thinking Kailah wants a bad boy, or fireman. From what I can see, in the room is Melissa, Ashley, Dee, Rogan, Jenna, Nany, Kailah, and Kaycee. Bear blows the fire extinguisher everywhere in that enclosed room, Melissa gets up hits him then retreats under her blanket. Bear keeps spraying the thing all over. Everyone files out and we see Jordan carrying Bear out of there in a bearhug (dee what I did there).

bear fire extinguisher total madness

I am curious on what led up to Jordan getting in there? Was he just trying to get everything to stop, or was he concerned for Bears safety pissing off half the girls in the house? Either way, bravo Jordan for telling him “that was too far” after getting him out of the room. Then Ashley spits on the back of his head, which she says his face, but I watched it about 7 times on the app and it looks to be the back of his head. Can I just point out here that I was surprised at how calm Bear stayed after being spit on? Bear, do you get spit on regularly and this is why it didn’t phase you? Now Mattie is involved….I mean I get it, spitting on someone: not cool. Shooting a fire extinguisher all over people in an enclosed space that they are trapped in: extremely not cool.

Mattie ignites the verbal warfare by insulting Ashley telling her she’s had worse in her mouth. Alright, everyone had a good laugh in the bunker and my house. But do not think Ashley is going to take that lightly. She transforms into Slashley and completely dominates Mattie with her insults she hurls at her about her DUI arrest(multiple mind you) and Mattie is not happy and suddenly Ashley is the bad guy even though Mattie initiated it? Someone please clear this up? Mattie can insinuate that Ashley is a slut but Ashley can’t throw shade at Mattie’s arrest which was blasted on the media? Does not make sense. Clearly their alliance is now dead. Side note; am I the only one that was seriously concerned about Melissa being in that room knowing now that she was pregnant in that bunker??

Nany makes an appearance on the show by coming to Ashley’s defense, yelling about the fact that Mattie wasn’t in the room so she shouldn’t have a say. Yesssss Nany, there’s the fiery Nany that is needed in these challenges. Somehow during this exchange we get Bear wearing blue googles standing between the two security guards keeping the girls form each other. Bear, what are you doing and why? The house is watching this all unfold and very few have left their seats other than Johnny at one point trying to hold back Mattie. Let’s face it, without Johnny holding her back before security could get in there, had Mattie gotten a hold of Ashley it would’ve been game over for both of them. I think it is clear if you watch everyone’s faces that you can see that more than one person was not sober during all of this. Ashley cries again and places a gigantic target on her back for the nominations.

Onto Cold War the challenge. TJ starts off telling them that this is going to suck. I have no doubt that it will in fact suck. My family and I live in Northern MN where we experience -30F every winter and it is nothing to us at this point, but that doesn’t mean I want to go into 60 degree water and attempt to free puzzle pieces. What I would have enjoyed on this episode is a clock showing elapsed time in the water. The teams are randomly selected and going first on this challenge is going to be beneficial as the water is not at the coldest yet. The breakers contributed NOTHING to this challenge. The breakers should’ve also had to put together the puzzle, I mean something else right? I lost track of who was on what team there didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to it to be honest. It was all a bit confusing.

I can’t tell you how each team did other than TJ telling one team to get out, thinking another team was pathetic for quitting, editors did Nelson dirty by showing a big ol booger hanging out of his nose, Dee was adamant on not quitting, Johnny did manage to formulate a really great strategy of getting the pieces off first while you still had feeling in the hands. Very smart Johnny.

Kaycee finally has a somewhat lengthy confessional and all it is is a scripted recital of what the game is which has already been explained to the viewers, c’mon editing show us something else with Kaycee please. Wes pissed himself and Tori joined his yellow water happily. I would too Tori, I would’ve been chugging water watching other teams go for the sole purpose of wanting to pee when I hit the water. TJ makes fun of Fessy, Josh and Rogan and Nelson goes to the hospital. Aneesa, Johnny, Bear, Kaycee and Big T win and some more madness continues.

The cast goes to the bar, and we see Johnny attempt to pull some strings with Big T and it all looks a bit far fetched but that is just my opinion. But what is clear is Big T appears to be on a power trip, or so the edit shows? I don’t have much else to say about the bar scene, again I found this episode boring.

Nominations come about and Ashley is going in(can you all hear my eyes rolling with surprise?) Kyle cuts it short when it is clear that Ashley is going in, not sure if he was just trying to present himself as a good guy or if there was some malicious stuff cut out by the editors? Either way once she left the room he threw in his vote for Ashley too before he went off to console her. Kyle you little snake, if you didn’t bring some entertainment I would be anti-Kyle all the way.

Tribunal picks Tori, Mattie and Dee. Two of the three aren’t too sure if they want to go in. Enter Dee, who my house seems to think was trying to piss off the tribunal to get thrown in when she smiled in Johnny’s face telling him that she was Ashley’s accomplice with trying to get him thrown in. Applause to you Dee for being honest and if pissing them off was your strategy? After they were done it was abundantly clear that they were putting in Dee. They all leave the tribunal expressing how everyone is on a power trip and it was certainly portrayed that way to us viewers also.

The elimination, here we see the tribunal and it is even MORE clear that Dee was going in when you could plainly see that none of the females had their jerseys on. Shocker, Dee is voted in. This elimination had an equalizer really because it was anyone’s guess on where those puzzle pieces were hidden. Now, had Ashley gotten all of her pieces before Dee had a little help from Wes(before he was drowned out by yelling) I think Ashley would have been back in the house. But Dee had a slight advantage and then just guessed until she got it right. Ashley did her good byes and made sure to turn into Slashley for a bit and take some shots on her way out. Now to wait for next week. Hopefully it’s a bit more entertaining, it looks like we might start to see the trainwreck of the Bear/Kailah saga? And so are the days of our lives.