Total Madness Episode ONE?? How in the heck was this only episode one? There was so much that happened in this one episode I had goosebumps and bounced like a little child on the couch. As my husband, daughter and myself gathered in our living room anxiously waiting for the episode to start, we gossiped about what this season would be like, what the rookies would look like, which Vets we were excited to see and which Vets we were sad about not being there. Dim the lights, soft crunch of potato chips, then the helicopter enters the screen……and we are off! I know my last post was laced with humor. This one will not have as much but as the season goes on I am sure it will be much easier for me to crack some jokes!

Out of all the seasons and all the first episodes: this one takes the cake! Thank you MTV for diving directly into a challenge, having an elimination in the same episode and not filling time with all the chaotic drama of seasons past. The challenge they kicked off with, I was torn in the men’s heat, along with my family we were not sure how it would play out? My household just might be CT fans (we totally are) so we were jacked that he was hanging in and beating a lot of the youngens out there. But kudos Rogan for hanging in there and pulling out the victory. As of episode one you have my mind spinning that MAYBE your win wasn’t a fluke last season, but you haven’t won me over just yet. Let’s not let Josh out of this conversation. Am I the only one that said “alright Josh I see you” when he was trucking along with this challenge? I honestly was surprised by his performance and happy to see it. He’s been so under the radar for the seasons he’s been on, so to see him come out and perform that well on the first challenge was a nice surprise.

Onto the women’s heat. The three of us in my house sat back and just said “Jenny is going to crush these women” I did however get onto the edge of my couch watching Dee! She came out the gate like the little engine that could and was right up there trying to finish before Jenny, she had very little chance, but she didn’t give up! Bravo Dee, but it was literally no surprise that Jenny crushed this. Anyone who thought it would be any other competitor pulling out this win: are you even watching the same show?

Picking Cory for the tribunal? Smart move on Jenny and Rogan. Here is why: Rogan was actually really smart for his reasoning. Cory does stand a fighting chance to win a couple competitions and he has been somewhat loyal in the past so he may throw them a bone down the road. That and they could feel him out for where he stands, who he is gunning for and what kind of game he is going to play. You have to remember Jenny and Rogan are still essentially “rookies” in my opinion. I don’t think vet status is garnered after one season. I know, I know this is technically Rogan’s third season, but his first doesn’t count in my opinion as he didn’t even finish the run.

Alrighty, onto the house…….is it really a house? My heart was thumping as they went running into this house. It is thumping writing this. My claustrophobia would not last within this bunker turned into a house. Yes, I sit within my own home with every shade closed and enjoy the solitude of silence and being alone, but I also know that I have windows and an escape. This bunker has neither. The game room/kitchen/pool room/ work out area is rather kick ass though. Not going to lie: I want that in my house somewhere. The toilet paper and a bar of soap on each bed was rather daunting to the eye of the watcher, especially those that did not panic buy during this corona virus, I am sure many sat envious staring at their television wanting to be in that bunker simply to have a roll of toilet paper all to themselves. Oh and be in that bunker with the state of the nation at this time. But I digress. Onto happier subjects.
Living/sleeping situations of this bunker.

Alright, I don’t know how many of you reading this (if you’ve made it this far in my writing) have ever watched NCIS when they enter a naval ship? Ya, that’s what the bunks reminded me of. I was half waiting for Jethro Gibbs to pop up around a corner and interrogate somebody about a murder or why someone isn’t on the cast. Dee, popping herself into the bunk above Rogan and admitting she is going to be a cockblock for the stripper she fell for might have been one of the best lines of the episode. Kyle turning to poppa bear CT asking how he gets back into good graces with people within the show was not only a strategic move, but incredibly smart considering CT has been through it all with these challenges and has literally played every character on a season or 7.

From rough and tough guy that you can’t help but route for, the guy you love to hate, the loveable teddy bear, the charm his way into someone’s bed, the “I didn’t do it” when it was clearly caught on camera, to now being the true to you gonna get shit done poppa bear that he is now. I think Kyle stands an extremely good chance of being a long standing staple on this show and I am looking forward to seeing how he is going to play this season taking in the information that CT provided to him(even though it clearly went out of his brain when he was interrogated). Bear setting his sights on Kailah? And Kailah wondering why the resident nutcase(position pending with the return of Kailah) has his eyes set on her?

Well Kailah, it might be because of the energy you exude. Welcome back to TV, we look forward to your train wreck you will be sharing with the world. If you don’t already know what happens you have been social media blind. The whole world knows she is going to bring the train wreck and the only victim in her path is Mikey P and possibly the sheets that she sleeps in depending on the amount of liquor consumed.

Asaf? Did he not come across initially as this sweet loveable little guy that any mom would be happy that her daughter would bring home? Well that all changed when Nany caught him in her radar. It was game over for Asaf before it even started. Also, his innocence went out the window the minute he fell for Nany’s spider web. She is a black widow to whoever she sleeps with in a challenge house. Kyle had him pegged quickly and gave the best line of the night “this challenge is going to destroy him” well Kyle, it wasn’t the house, it was Nany’s bed.

Jay, oh Jay. I wonder if something was said at the beginning of taping for him and Bananas to avoid each other given the underlying history of him and Morgan. Is this why Jay only identifies as a previous Survivor competitor and no reference has been made of his EOTB days? Rumor is he went on EOTB because he wasn’t selected for the challenge that year. Maybe MTV wanted to build up more drama but never anticipated Bananas and Morgan ending up together which could culminate into some very explosive drama if the powers that be let things play out?? He did tug at the heart strings in the elimination explaining about his mom. I just might be pulling for Jay, I’m a mom so naturally I am a sucker for a momma’s boy or anyone saying they’re fighting for their mom.

Bananas and Wes…oh boy this could be disastrous or completely epic. Only time can tell. Jordan nailed it when he said the grudge match only brings attention. Cory picked up on it immediately that something fishy was brewing and they put it out there too much for everyone when they hugged it out……in front of EVERYONE. For two people claiming to be so smart; this move was incredibly STUPID. Let everyone think you still have a strong distaste for each other and play puppeteer behind the scenes c’mon you two. I expected better. I am waiting to see how this goes and if it is going to be as glorious as I anticipate it should be.

Nominations for the elimination. I was mad at Bananas for putting CT in the position to make the first nomination and take the spotlight and target off of himself, but was a smart political play. My frustration grew as everyone sat there. Crickets. Then like a bat outta hell comes Wes and throws Nany’s new toy in there. I was thinking it was going to be Jay in a landslide, but the competitors surprised me and ultimately it was Asaf sent in compliments of jumping into Nany’s bed too quickly. You sweet soul you were doomed once her hooks were set. Wes getting upset that Asaf said his name was unnecessary, Wes was not going to get voted in there and he needed to recognize that he was the first to say Asaf’s name so it would make sense that Asaf would say Wes’s name in retaliation. Goodness that was an unnecessary blow up. Insert forehead slap here.

Nominations for the tribunal? This one caught me off guard, but at the same time made sense. Kyle? Rogan wanted to see where Kyle sat and I don’t blame him. Watching Kyle’s face while he sat there was rather entertaining. His little boyish grin was delightful. Kyle immediately went back on the advice that CT gave him. Cory pulling Wes in? I was torn. I could see where he was coming from but I was confused on why pull in a vet when the path has always been rookies. I also applaud this decision to shake it up of vets aren’t immediately safe in the beginning. Pulling Jay in did not surprise me, as well as the ultimate decision of Jay going into the elimination.

Going into the elimination; I felt it was pretty evenly matched body wise. Jay just out smarted Asaf. I think Asaf should make a return, I would like to see him perform more and see what he is capable of? I feel like there could be a great challenger in there. Farewell Asaf, welcome back Jay!