Episode 6, Love Will Tear Us Apart. Let’s go!

Alright, this episode kicks off with resuming the “cliffhanger” from last week with Jay making what I can only assume is a distorted noise by the audio department of the Challenge because let’s be real: it didn’t sound human? It sounded like a buffalo noise (seriously if you haven’t been in close proximity to a Buffalo you won’t know).

jay elimination mtv challenge total madness

Jay is shook and no one is really sure what is wrong with him. My daughter has had two concussions and I was wondering immediately why they didn’t observe him for one because it was clear to me that he had one. The medics chalked it up to just having the wind knocked out of him and let him continue.

tj lavin jay mtv challenge total madness

Jay tries two more times and essentially plays basketball with a ball on fire. He misses both then asks about the rules and what he’s supposed to do. Jay is confused and admits he only remembers going twice and that he is messed up. It is then that they start looking him over for a concussion (which he clearly had) and declared him medically unable to continue. Just looking at him you could tell he was glazed over and not 100% aware of what was going on around him.

On his way out he gets the TJ stamp of approval with “I am positive that we will see you in the future.” Thank you TJ! Yes, Jay please come back! Before he dismisses everyone back to the house, TJ takes a small dig at Rogan about taking so long to see an elimination which resonated a slow clap in my household.

jay rogan tj mtv challenge total madness

Back to the house we go and we are treated to Rogan, Johnny, Tori, Kyle, Bear, Jenny and Melissa recounting the elimination. From left field we get Kyle telling the group that Jay was arrogant and calling everyone pussies. WELL Kyle, did Jay call everyone pussies AFTER being thrown into Purgatory for the THIRD time? Cause if that is the case, then YES you are all pussies and someone else should have gone in. I mean c’mon I get its been the game of rooks go in first but with this twist of everyone must earn a red skull; why are more people not trying to get in there?

Next up is the drawn-out storyline of Jenna and Zach and how he’s dodging her calls. She’s worried about him and how they have been on and off but on for two years now. Clearly, we are going to revisit this situation since they just switched scenes abruptly.

Pan to Wes, Johnny and Bear playing cards and there is some connivance going on with the Bear and Kailah scenario. For a VERY brief moment I respect Bear as he acknowledges she has a boyfriend. That went out the window really quick. Nelson spits some truth in his confessional regarding Kailah and her long-term relationship, how they live together and wonders if she is really going to throw it all away for a couple weeks with Bear? Good job Nelson! Not sure if that is Angela straightening your ass up or Dr. Phil? Either way; nice work!

nelson mtv challenge total madness

Kailah’s turn in the confessional as they show her walking out of the room visibly upset. She describes the anxiety it’s causing her and how she’s going through a lot. In the room Nany and Jenna talk to her. Jenna is focusing her energy on Kailah to distract herself from Zach dodging her phone calls. Kailah is in tears and isn’t sure if it’s the bunker or what?

Jenna is back in the creepy area they make calls in, and she calls her friend Nicole since she can’t get a hold of Zach. This is where we see the insecurity of a brooding masculine man child named Zach, when we find out that he went through her Instagram DM’s from years ago. First, I would like to point out that my husbands reaction to this was “what a bitch move Zach.” I would’ve high fived him on behalf of all women but I was rather cozy on the couch. Instead I just smiled. Second, Zach wants her to leave?

Let us not forget that this is not the first time that Zach has completely gotten in Jenna’s head while she is supposed to be competing and making them money? Remember the infamous phone call when he called Jenna a different name? Or how about when he needed security because Jenna wanted to talk to him? I don’t dislike Zach. I don’t cheer for him either.

jenna crying mtv challenge total madness

Third, if you are that insecure sir that you need to go digging through messages from two years ago and are taking an issue with that then I am at a complete loss for words. It is either you’re insecure from your past discretions, you were looking for a fight or you just wanted her to come home? I guess I need to rethink my life plan and be mad at all the exes my husband has had? Na, I like a couple of them.

Playing Jewel’s “Foolish Games” as Jenna is walking back to her room in tears is rather fitting. Josh looks genuinely concerned here seeing her cry, another reminder that Josh really does have a good heart. Nany and Aneesa try to talk to her and get her to stay. Aneesa rips on their relationship in the confessional. Nany rips on it right to her face and also in her confessional.

Alright, outside around a fire is Dee, Jenny, Melissa and T talking about Jenna and Zach and Dee said something that made me have a WTF moment. Dee discusses with them about how Zach was going to purpose to Jenna, and knew that it was going to be in New York?? Someone please tell me how she knew this? Did Jenna know she was going to be purposed to and was excited enough to tell everyone or are Dee and Zach secretly friends?

dee jenny mtv challenge total madness

Back in the house Tori and Jordan are now talking to Jenna. Tori says she would leave and Jordan says he would stay. Now listen I am not a huge Jordan fan. Do I respect his game play and athleticism? Yes 100%. Do I like how he behaves most of the time? No. But what Jordan says here made me do a Jersey Shore style fist pump. YESSS Jordan! Preach! He proceeds to tell Jenna that it is unfair to have her leave, that he would stay and “if you really love me, you will let me handle my business and we will work it out when we get there.” Ok Jordan! I am here for all of this. Then we get Tori who sees Jenna being mentally checked out as an opportunity to potentially take her out.

We go into Bear’s room where he is discussing the bigger bed he has now. Johnny and Wes decide to stir the pot, I mean become match makers of sorts. They have a couple assistants but the edit makes it all about Johnny and Wes. They do some tape up on the wall “B+K-M” with some assistance from Jordan. Josh comes in and is confused by this situation. As Josh is giving his confessional they show Wes on Johnny’s shoulders as Jordan is handing the two photos of Mikey and Kailah to him to tape onto the ceiling.

wes bananas wenanas mtv challenge total madness

Bear tells Kailah that there is a surprise for her. Kailah is immediately annoyed and doesn’t want to entertain it but follows to the bedroom. Kailah admits its initially a little cute, blah, blah, blah. It looks like Johnny directs her to lay down on the bed and that is when she sees the photos and storms out in embarrassment. Bear is clueless and is trying to figure out why she is mad until he is directed to look up. Just to make sure he saw it, Nelson asks him to look up once again. Bravo editing, while showing Bear’s expression you made sure to leave in the -M in the shot. Kudos. Wes feels no sympathy for her and discloses what we all already know Bear is a “fu*k boy.”

bear nelson kailah mtv challenge total madness

Kailah is at the table talking about what happened and has an outburst throwing her cereal at the fridge and storms off down the turf. No one really flinched when she threw her cereal? Is everyone going numb in the bunker, too used to crazy or was this staged? No one knows.

Kailah is outside and Bear joins her and asks her to calm down and they proceed to argue. Kailah discusses how she threw away a relationship for someone who she isn’t even sure likes her? Is this what spurred Mikey’s song “Can’t Undo November Tides” about Kailah? Or is there more to come? While I have his song brought up; take a moment and piece together the first letter out of each word of that song…….just throwin’ that out there for you.

Goodness we are only twenty minutes into the episode.

Tori and Jordan are at the table sharing a bowl of cereal while there are problems going on around them. Jenna is in the creepy call room again and she finally gets Zach on the phone. They go back and forth about the “issues” and Zach accuses Jenna of cheating on him, and giving him “attitude” while she is trying to talk to him. He won’t reciprocate her “I love you” and hangs up on her.

Again, Jenna is crying. Nany and Kailah are consoling her. Nany’s facial expression literally screams “fu*k you Zach”. I am struggling with this edit of Zach, because we have seen him grow and everyone has their ups and downs. We don’t know what happens behind closed doors with people’s relationships, but this edit did Zach no justice what-so-freaking-ever.

Wes is talking to Bayleigh and Swaggy about their unspoken alliance. Now Wes, this alliance is much better hidden than the one with Bananas. This one caught me off guard. I had no idea they are the Kansas City alliance. Neither alliance knows about each other……this is going to blow up in your face Weston.

Onto the challenge finally, only took a half hour to get here. TJ welcomes everyone then calls out whether someone wants to quit. Jenna knows he’s talking to her. Duh Jenna, we all know. We also all know that TJ hates a quitter. Johnny looks down at Jenna almost trying to make sure its ok for him to speak then says “there’s no quitters here TJ” and they proceed to the challenge at hand.

tj jenna mtv challenge total madness

Fast & Furious is the name of the challenge and TJ explains that it is inspired by the upcoming Fast & Furious movie then proceeds to explain what it is and that they will be playing in teams of two. Odd numbers mean one guy will go twice. He draws Jordan’s name. One, Jordan is clearly pumped about this. I genuinely think he has no fear. Two, Tori is excited he’s going twice given that it is a female elimination day. Nany and Jordan are up first on one side of this speeding semi with Dee and Swaggy on the other side.

This is one of the best performances I have seen out of Nany and I credit this to Jordan effectively communicating with her and providing reinforcement to her. It leads me to believe that she could have a great season with the right partner?? They complete the puzzle, Dee and Swaggy time out. Swaggy high fives Jordan in good sportsmanship.

tori josh mtv challenge total madness

Up next is Josh and Tori on one side with Kyle and Big T on the other side. Right out the gate Josh knocks a piece off with his foot. I don’t think the producers even realized they did this because they allowed them to continue with this challenge and as we will see in a bit when someone else dropped a piece they were done immediately. Tori and Josh gather what they think is all pieces. Kyle is being a very supportive partner to T on the other side. Tori and Josh are not able to complete their puzzle obviously, while T and Kyle are climbing to the top of the semi as the horn blows. They head into a commercial while Josh is screaming “nooooo” on top of the crate. It is clear that Josh is really upset. I think he may have the biggest heart in the house, next to T.

Next to compete is Fessy with Jenna on one side and Cory with Mattie on the other side. Fessy has a moment to say that he is worried about being paired up with Jenna because he isn’t sure if she is going to give it her all. Jenna states that she wants to perform, put the Zach drama aside and win a million dollars. Neither team are able to collect all the pieces. Why were the first teams able to collect all pieces and these guys struggled?

Jenny and Rogan are paired up next with Aneesa and Nelson on the other side. Nelson is hyped because he has “one of the best puzzle people” paired with him. As the horn blows and time starts, Nelson wastes a bit of time to salute the other competitors. Aneesa drops a piece and they are DQ’d immediately. Jenny and Rogan can’t finish because they are another team that cannot reach that one piece. Nelson loses his ever loving sh*t because he is convinced that Aneesa wants to go in against Jenna. By the editing it looks like these post competition interviews are within ear shot of the other competitors? They come back to the group and he is still going in on Aneesa in front of everyone and not everyone is having it. Nelson knows he’s putting himself in a bad position for votes and he doesn’t care.

nelson aneesa mtv challenge total madness

Next Melissa and Johnny on one side with Kaycee and Bear on the other side. Again, this momma was petrified watching lil Melissa dangling off the side of a semi. Both teams have amazing communication and I am impressed by both teams. Johnny is super encouraging of Melissa; I think in part because he is impressed by how well she is performing. Both teams finish the puzzle although Johnny and Melissa solved the puzzle first.

melissa bananas mtv challenge total madness

Last up is Kailah and Wes on one side and Bayleigh and Jordan on the other side. Let’s note really quick that Jordan is on the opposite side than he was the first time. He gives her the tip of don’t touch the crate as much as she can. Wes is being a great partner to Kailah providing great encouragement and Kailah is responding well to it and admits she likes the “nice Wes.” Bayleigh and Jordan are on top until they realize that Bayleigh missed a piece and must go back down. Both teams are scrambling to finish the puzzle. Both teams time out and are eliminated. Bayleigh flips out blaming Jordan for this loss, when it is essentially Bayleigh’s fault because she had to go back down. Jordan, I agree with you here but your delivery to Bayleigh explaining why wasn’t the greatest. But we are all guilty of a little verbal diarrhea when upset so I can’t fault you on this. I do agree with you though that Nany not missing a piece was the difference.

Only three teams completed this, all separated by eight seconds. Ultimately, Jordan and Nany win. They must now select a third person to join the tribunal. Nany takes the lead and picks Jenna. Everyone is a little confused and their faces show it. Jordan is trying to take the strategy of hoping the house will send in Tori and I’m under the impression that he is going to try get Jenna to go down there.

jenna nany jordan mtv challenge total madness

No selections were made for interrogation, no elimination happened. That was the end of the episode. But why? They could’ve left out some of the drama and had the elimination on here. Are we now going to be in the spiral of elimination, competition, then done? I sincerely hope not cause its annoying.