EPISODE 1: All About the Brits (WAR OF THE WORLDS)

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Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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The long anticipated MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds episode 1! This season has been hyped from every corner and we finally get a taste of what TJ Lavin has been hinting at. This is definitely not a Challenge podcast to be missed.

Recap Hit List:
  • Feature film level cinematography – good job Bunim Murray Productions and MTV
  • The first challenge: Impending Doom
    • The impressive first showing from the UK boys
    • Zach’s useless insights on Dodgeball
    • Da’vonne showing up hard
    • Cara Maria’s weak start
    • The two extra prospects twist… expected.
  • The Brits in full force – Geordie Shore, Celebrity Big Brother UK, Ex on the Beach UK
    • Theo shutting down Ashley aka Eminem’s mom
    • Bear’s shining charisma
  • Hookup seeds planted
    • Chase/Nany
      • Chase acting like he’s still on the bachelor
    • Leroy/Kam/Theo – the latest MTV love triangle?
    • Bananas/Morgan
  • War of the Worlds team selections
    • Turbo’s poetic words for Nany
      • Fan obsession with Turbo
    • Alan gets some news from TJ Lavin
      • Calhoun’s conspiracy theory
    • Pots and pans may still get some screen time
  • The Amanda/Zach strategy vs the Kam/Da’vonne strategy

What’s your predictions for this season? Is there a Challenge podcast topic you want us to cover?

Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds

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