EPISODE 0: Meet the Prospects (WAR OF THE WORLDS)

Episode 0! Tune is as we discuss tonights preseason special. ‼️AUDIO VERSION UP NOW - LINKS BELOW ‼️ Cast breakdowns, predictions, the Paulie Cara Danielle debacle, the Trishelle debate and SANIAC announcements. The Challenge 🌟Direct Download: http://bit.ly/DD_WOW_EP0 🌟SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/SC_WOW_EP0 🌟Spotify: http://bit.ly/WOW_EP0 🌟iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunes_WOW_EP0

Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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Welcome back Saniacs! We missed you all and are thrilled to be back at our mics producing our favourite content, an MTV podcast.


Recap Hit List:
  • Rookie cast breakdown
    • Original shows: Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach UK, Big Brother, Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, Party Down South, Floribama Shore, Celebrity Big Brother UK
    • Cast pairings
    • Fan and stan reactions
  • Fight & hookup teasers
    • Theo, Kam, Leroy triangle
    • Bananas and Morgan
    • Nany and Chase
  • The Paulie Cara Danielle debacle
  • The Trishelle debate
    • Are the OG’s worth the same money as Bear?
    • Who would bring in better ratings, Landon or new blood?
    • What had higher ratings – RW Las Vegas or Love Island season 4?
  • Season predictions, hopes, thoughts
  • Saniac announcements
    • A Challenge news column is in the works and will be up and running by episode 1. Shoutout to Christian from This is the Final Cut blog who will be heading up the Challenge news section.
    • Challenge trivia quizzes will be up on our new site as well. Written and created by our long time contributor, Hannah.
    • This season we will be going live Wednesday nights right after the Challenge at 10pm EST on our Facebook page.
Cast photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds

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