Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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Zach and Shanni dive into episode 11 of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Listen as we attempt to power through the first half of the episode to get to all the juice – a proposal, a bitter response and a sledgehammer clinic. We also tackle the interesting discussion of how Survivor and Big Brother wins are more respectable than Challenge wins. 

Recap Hit List:

  • Elimination aftermath
    • Kayliegh’s Challenge Mania interview 
    • Kam and Kayliegh running the house
    • Tori and Rogan’s talk
    • Kam and Theo’s talk
    • Josh and Nany’s talk
  • Daily Challenge
    • Paulie’s stellar performance 
    • Rogan robbing us of a Tori performance 
    • TJ ripping into the cast
    • Zach’s hilarity 
    • Paulie’s Insta comments
  • Tribunal
    • Rogan’s confessions
    • Theo’s threat
    • Zach’s game play
  • Jordan and Tori’s relationship
  • Nany and Jenna’s phone call
  • Theo’s pre-elimination warm up
  • Proving Ground
    • Theo’s immense humor
    • Past eliminations
    • Jordan’s domination 
    • Cara’s bitter moment
    • Tori’s authenticity


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