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Zach is back! Listen as Shanni and Zach dive into episode 14 of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. With only an hour of Challenge content to discuss, Shanni and Zach go on a mother-load of all tangents including Thanksgiving dishes, Cara’s modeling career and more.

SPOILERS for S35 drama discussed from 6:00-16:30.

Recap Hit List:

  • Team UK meeting
    • Rogan’s honesty
  • Daily Challenge
    • Jordan’s swimming abilities
    • Ashley using a saw
    • CT as the speaker
      • CT makes a move!
  • Challenge aftermath
    • Paulie Vs Sunglasses
    • CT and Rogan shit talking Paulie
  • Super Elimination
    • Ashley getting lost
  • Team of Layups
  • Night out
    • New night, same bar
    • Leroy’s mentality
  • Final hype

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