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Zach and Shanni come in fuming on this week’s recap. Prepare for a lot of grunting.

Recap Hit List:

  • Laurel and Ninja’s elimination
    • Twitter reactions
    • Production’s blunder
    • The case for Laurel
  • Daily Challenge:
    • Is it wrong to throw Challenges
    • Ashley’s outburst
    • Nany Vs Paulie
    • Team UK speaker selection process
  • Laurel and her notebook
  • Tribunal
    • Cara Vs Laurel
    • Paulie Vs Laurel
    • Ninja’s reactions
    • Jordan’s commentary
    • Dee’s comments to Georgia
  • Laurel Vs Kam
    • Kam’s delusions
  • Georgia and Bear
    • steamy night in
  • Will anyone switch teams?
  • Some unnecessary shit about Cara not having a job because Calhoun is bored with his own life.


Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds

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