EP 7: The One With the Dual Mania (WWII)Oh baby do we have a show for you tonight! Join us for a special Shanni's birthday edition episode of the Saniac Podcast. We'll dive into Paulie and Cara's "breakup?", Bananas Challenge Mania podcast and of course tonight's inevitably insane episode of MTV's The Challenge. Hit "get reminder" to get a notification when we go live. See you soon Saniacs <3Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Shanni and Zach dive into MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 episode 7. This was a spicy week between social experiments, enlightening interviews and a drama heavy episode.

Recap Hit List:

  • Cara Maria and Paulie’s “fakeup” social experiment
  • Face masks and spa time
    • Bear and Georgia’s romantic tension
  • Tori and Jordan’s soul contract
  • Daily Challenge: Resilient River Run
    • Ideal puzzle strategy
    • UK’s weaknesses
    • Ninja V Zach
    • Jordan V Turbo
  • Turbo/Jordan aftermath
  • CT’s paranoia and game play
  • Tribunal
    • Rogan V Bear
    • Kyle throwing down
    • CT scrambling
  • Night out
    • Turbo and Nany’s friendship
  • Boat trip
    • Turbo and Tori’s talk
  • Zach stepping up as team leader
  • Tori and Jordan’s talk
    • Tori articulating herself kindly without sugar coating
  • Proving Ground: Hall Brawl Extension Pack
    • “I’m no joke. I bring the smoke.” -Bear
    • Strategy possibilities
    • Bear’s strengths
    • What if Rogan was voted in?
  • Bananas’ interview with Challenge Mania
    • Ninja’s claims in her interview
    • Kyle jumping in
    • Cheating accusations
    • Production insights
Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds


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