Episode 8 Recap!!

Helllloo Saniacs! Tune in TOMORROW night at 10:30 EST for our LIVE recap! This week's recap will happen tomorrow night since the Baboon is going to watch some WRESTLING. Follow him on Insta for updates on tonight's event Zcal77!!

Posted by The Saniac Podcast on Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Zach and Shanni dive into episode 8 of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. We cover the latest Twitter stan shenanigans as well as the Ashley and Scott beef.  

Recap Hit List:

  • Ashley Mitchell V Scott Yager
  • Zach’s affinity for stan Twitter
  • Cara’s cult
  • CT & Kyle’s talk
  • Daily Challenge: Crate Expectations
    • Zach’s comedy gold moment of the episode
    • Endurance V physical challenges and what the differences are
    • Fatal flaw of the UK’s strategy
    • Tribunal selection
  • Saving Queen Esther
    • Ninja and Dee’s fight and friendship
    • Rogan standing his ground
  • CT’s perfect peach
  • Tribunal
    • Esther stepping up
    • Joss making a play
    • Kyle’s attempt at manipulating the Tribunal
  • Night out
    • Cara’s Cult V Dee
    • Tori running from the drama
    • Kyle V Dee
  • Proving Ground: Running Riot
    • Predictable Georgia and Theo vote
    • Ideal strategy
    • More endurance….
    • Esther’s gracious exit
    • Kyle’s last minute advice


Episode photos: MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds


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