Paul Natalie Big Brother

On Friday Paul sent out a Tweet discussing his confusion with bitter jurors. For any non Big Brother fans, a bitter juror is basically someone that votes for the weaker player to win the game because the stronger player screwed them over. They are truly the worst and ruin the game every season. As a fan, you want the best player to win not the pity vote. 

I’m not even sure how or why Natalie got involved but here’s the whole exchange leading up to her replies. 


Then Natalie chimes in with this… and so commences the juicier portion of this thread. 


Paul provides receipts in this reply. 

Natalie took it to her profile and started expressing her own opinions about Jury voting. 

While I do understand Jury management is important, bitter juries have gotten out of hand. There used to be a sense of respect and recognition for being a conniving player. Now it seems a good social game and jury management are the only things factoring into jury votes. What do you think? Do you agree with Natalie or Paul?


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