1) I never thought I’d see a child-like insecurities from Turbo but I like having seen them. He’s badass yet sensitive.

Nany Turbo MTV

2) I love endurance comps. You can really see how well people will do in a final.

Jenna Gus

3) Da’Vonne doesn’t want to be chained up but maybe Georgia does.

Bear Da'vonne MTV

4) The editing for this challenge isn’t showing Dee as a beast but if Wes, who isn’t always the best to his partners, says she is, I believe him.

Wes Dee Challenge

5) We’ve never had to see Hunter have to do any endurance since Final Reckoning final was a sham. For his sake, I hope it works on it for next season.

Hunter Georgia Challenge

6) Da’Vonne is not the type of woman that responds well to being yelled at.

Da'vonne Bear

7) Bear should not be on this show if he quits because of one bad challenge.

8) Georgia is being patient with Hunter, so he has no reason to snap at her because he’s doing poorly.

Georgia Hunter

9) Turbo is so patient and perfect. I stan.

Turbo Challenge

10) I realized that I don’t like Ninja because she’s a less over the top version of Paulie. Mark my words. You all will see it soon enough.

Paulie Natalie Challenge

11) If Bear is the best, why hasn’t he won a competition yet?

12) There’s a difference between having Kyle’s back and attacking Cara Maria regardless of how much of it is deserved.

Zach nichols

13) There was  no reason for Cara to try to low blow Zach by bringing up Jenna. If Cara doesn’t like people talking about her relationship, she shouldn’t talk about others’.

14) I’m all for people standing up for themselves, but I hate when people act all hard because they have someone else to cosign them.

15)  Even though I don’t like Ninja’s personality, it’s an insult to say she would’ve have won without Paulie. She’s a competitor all on her own.

Paulie Ninja

16) Nany is a flirt. That’s just her. Bear is too. That’s just him. Because of that, I’m sure he flirted with her back and probably even initiated sometimes.

17) Come on now. If you’re going to do a cartwheel, you have to do it correctly.

Bear War of the Worlds

18) Sorry Zahida. I guess you should’ve watched the show ahead of time to see what kind of jerk the guy you chose is.

Zach Challenge

19) What reason would anyone have to defend Bear? He instigated everything.

Bear Challenge

20) Bear is the biggest, entitled baby ever. I haven’t watched him on other shows. Does he always act like this? If he does, why do so many fans love him?

21) Da’Vonne has watched the show. Woman, you do not want to face Wes in elimination!

22) I’m sure all of us are laughing at Cara and Paulie’s “healthy relationship.”

23) Zach and Zahida are going in because Zach was being a jerk.

24) I love when TJ grins/laughs about tormenting the challengers.

TJ lavin

25) There was doubt in my mind that Wes and Dee would win that elimination.

Wes Dee MTV


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