Episode 7 Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Alright ladies and gents, here we go. Anyone who has read my writing before, you know that I watch this show with my husband and my kiddo. My husband hated this episode and my daughter about fell asleep until the elimination.

So we have the cast returning to the house and Jordan explaining that he is going to have to figure out how to get Tori into the elimination. Then we are graced with the Holy Trinity and their strategy. I cannot help but feel bad for Jenna during their discussion. At one point during this discussion Nany and Kailah talk about Kailah going in or Jenny against Tori.

jenna kailah nany holy trinity mtv challenge

Jenna calls them out saying “damn, everyone’s really counting me out a little” after Kailah suggests Nany and Jenna say Jenny. Nany admits that she does not want to run a final against Jenny and then in her confession says she is so busy keeping track of everyone’s drama. Jenna reminds them that if they put Jenny in that Jordan is going to be pissed if that happens. Ummmm ya Jenna you are a thousand percent correct! Jordan would fume if that is how the elimination happens.

jenna compono mtv total madness barbie beast

We cut to Jenny asking Nelson who he’s voting for? Nelson makes his grand prediction like he is hovering over a crystal ball and predicts Tori is going to get the vote to go in and that Jenna is going to nominate herself and act like she’s fighting, Tori’s going to win and get her red skull and how Jenna wants to go home. Jenny tries to offer a rebuttal but Nelson cuts her off. Nelson is not having it. His crystal ball has spoken, and he walks off.

KAYCEE we finally see some screen time out of you girl! Kaycee is talking to Josh about how the last elimination for girls was a puzzle so this time will probably be physical. She confirms with Tori that she in fact wants to go in. The three of them talk about it and remind everyone in TV land that you do IN FACT need to see an elimination in this round of the Challenge. (still loving this twist!)

kaycee tori josh mtv challenge

Aneesa and Bayleigh in one of the bedrooms talking about how aggressive Nelson was with his words and how Aneesa was excited for the competition they had had on the previous episode. Aneesa points out that she is beating Nelson on daily’s, yes Aneesa you are. But you have also been on more season’s than Nelson. Bayleigh starts to cry about how she was treated by Jordan and that she feels alone.

Johnny, Wes and Kyle approach the Holy Trinity and ask just what is happening. The girls explain the best they can, must repeat themselves a couple times. Break it down to man-splain and the guys offer to be minions. At this point there is no guarantee that Jenna is going to volunteer herself. Calm down bunker. There’s some plotting going on in the Trinity.

unholy and holy trinity mtv challenge total madness

At eliminations Tori shocks the house by volunteering herself. It was no shock, she wants in, she wants that red skull, she wants the elimination out of the way. I applaud that desire to get in there and get it done with. Honestly, all competitors should be fighting to get in there. Honestly annoyed that more aren’t trying to get in there. Bravo Tori. Yes, some will say she was trying to be opportunistic jumping on Jenna being checked out……(I might have thought that myself at least once) BUUUUUT if you think about it: Tori is not dumb, she knows there are two females in the tribunal and they will be nominating three more for potential Purgatory. Tori is taking a gamble here. Yes, Jordan is in the tribunal but he does not have the power vote against two best friends. She will be facing who Jenna and Nany select.

Nelson apologizes to Aneesa after everyone agrees to send Tori in. He apologizes, then takes a dig at Jenna. Kailah, being the lone member of the Trinity at the nominations speaks up for Jenna and points out the obvious: there is no guarantee that Jenna is going in. Do I agree with Nelson and his crystal ball? To some extent; yes. I could see Jenna putting herself in and losing an elimination to get home to Zach to clear up their fight that MTV has showcased in the last couple episodes. But, I also see her wanting to stay and fight for the final that she has been wanting for so long. It’s a flip of the coin here.

nelson fight mtv challenge

What I DO NOT agree with is how Nelson is speaking to Kailah. There is absolutely NO reason to shame her in front of the entire house and drop some bombs, some lies, and call her names, telling her she is foulest woman there. At this point my husband pointed out “do you think he’s doing this to get into the next guys elimination?” Well, Kyle seems to agree with that when he resonated with “Let Nelson dig his grave for the next guys day” Nelson, I have been semi-routing for you this season, even with your foot in the mouth moments, but I am most definitely team Kailah in this situation. Aneesa tells Kailah to not feed into it, Bear jumps in and according to the edit that is when he backs down a little. Thank you Bear! You haven’t had the greatest edit, but standing up for Kailah in this situation was the right thing to do and more should have been with you.

bear josh mtv challenge

Nelson takes the dig again at Tori having a free red skull and she slices that down with its inevitable we are all going to have to go in or go home. Nelson attempted to interrupt her, and Tori was not having it. Nelson, why are you having such a bad day and why are they showing you like this? From a woman’s perspective, in this episode, with this edit, you appear to have little to no respect for women. Re-read that sentence please, I stated with this edit. I am not judging Nelson in real life. I do not know him. I am also very much aware that editing can do great things, much like photo shop. Tori hangs her name up and vocalizes about how weird politicking is this season.

The guys have a little chat after nominations and that is, I think, the only time we see Mattie this episode. Nelson tells Bear he thinks its cute how he tried to stick up for his girl. Nelson calls her a slut. Josh jumps in at this point, so does Cory. The guys are not hearing it from him. Nelson says it was wrong for him to call her a slut. YOU THINK?

Kailah thanks Bear for standing up for her and they share a hug. Kailah points out that we only see one side of Bear. Which is an indicator and friendly reminder that there is some editing going on and we are not seeing the whole picture of everything at all times. They go to commercial with the two of them in bed with their legs intertwined and kissing.

Everyone gets ready for the bar and this is one of the better bar scenes of the season. There is actually some entertainment in this one. Kyle is in a fun mood, offers to kiss Wes if Aneesa and Melissa kiss each other. Aneesa tells them to go first and he goes in on Wes’s face. Then we get drunk Nany attempting to flirt with a committed Kaycee. Yay! More screen time for Kaycee.

kaycee nany mtv challenge total madness

Swaggy and Bayleigh discuss putting emotions aside and playing more strategically and Swaggy offers to be the person Bayleigh yells at so she can get it out and not let the emotions fly in the house. Bayleigh then offers up a tidbit that I had no clue on (I don’t watch BB or pageants sorry) that she was voted Miss Congeniality at Miss USA. Bayleigh acknowledges putting her ego and pride aside and goes to talk to Jordan. They have a nice talk. Jordan isn’t dumb, he knows that he wants/needs those votes. They hug and Jordan says “I’m always your friend” Ok Jordan, maybe there is hope for you to mend fences with others that you don’t see eye to eye with?bayleigh miss usa pagent

Back to an even drunker Nany, who has inched her way closer to Kaycee. Big T interjects and asks if they are making out? Melissa and Aneesa are watching the shit show unfold in front of them. Drunk Nany insists on Kayvee coming to the bathroom with her, Kaycee does not fall for the poisonous web that Nany is weaving.  Aneesa is not having this. As Nnay goes to the bathroom, Aneesa steps in and explains to Kaycee what it could be looking like to others (editing) and Kaycee thanks her. As Kaycee is explaining that she will not disrespect her girlfriend to Aneesa, Nany comes back from the bathroom.

Nany is annoyed that Aneesa is trying to look out for Kaycee and attempts to talk to Aneesa. Now listen, I have pointed out numerous times that editing can do someone dirty. But you can see damn clearly that Nany is getting drunker and drunker as the night goes on. I am not blaming editing on this one. It is evident if you look at her face throughout this bar scene and when they get back to the bunker. Jenna states in her confessional that Aneesa is trying to be a friend and let Kaycee know what it could look like, and that Nany is the most paranoid person in the house. Then we get drunk Nany slurring that she wants to punch Aneesa in the face. Not only did she disrespect Aneesa with that, she justifies it with telling her that she tells all her friends that she wants to punch them in the face? Ummmm, honey, that is no way to be a friend. Someone needs to explain this to you.

Fessy chimes in on his confessional that Nany is on a power trip. Couldn’t agree more Fessy. She is on a drunk power trip. Aneesa who appears to be MUCH more sober than Nany, (doesn’t take much at this point) tells her to take the trash factor down and attempts to walk away from her. Kyle is watching closely, one can only assume because he wants to protect someone. I assume I am correct as he is the first to jump in and separate them. Meanwhile, Kaycee inadvertently gets a handful of Nany’s boob while she is separating the two. Jenna tries to reason with a slurring Nany and starts to attack her. At this point it is abundantly clear that Nany is drunk, listen to her sentences. They come out as one word. Ahhh the slurring nonsense of a drunk person.

Back to the house Nany has made herself some noodles, honey at this point you need a loaf of bread to soak up that alcohol. She asks Jenna what happened, Jenna starts to explain it to her and Nany becomes patronizing to Jenna. Not cool Nany. Not. Cool. Aneesa asks Jenna to not make it a bigger issue. Proving she is the bigger person in this scenario. Aneesa does tell Nany to grow up, maybe wanted to start with “sober up” but same difference. Rogan of all people is the person keeping Nany form Aneesa, Nany is still going drunk crazy and throws her noodles. Aneesa has now walked away from her, granted she’s saying some things, but she is much calmer than Nany. Most likely because she is sober. Nany dishes blows about Aneesa’s past as a dancer. Fessy wonders if this is how every season is? Excuse me, have you watched this show prior to joining it? This is rather timid compared to the past. Welcome to the Challenge Fessy. Nelson asks about the noodles and Aneesa has the line of the episode (in my opinion) “oh Nany threw them cause she’s a class act” and walks off to her bed.

noodle fight mtv challenge nany aneesa

Next morning, the noodles are waiting for Nany to clean up. Everyone is having breakfast, Nelson apologizes to Kailah for his slanderous words. Kailah accepts it, but doubts it. Nany is on the floor groveling to Aneesa asking for forgiveness for her drunker tantrums the night before. Lucky for Nany, Aneesa is very forgiving and it wasn’t someone else she threw the noodles at. Nany is grateful that Aneesa is so forgiving, what she needs to be thankful for is that she didn’t wake up with a black eye.

Into Tribunals. Jordan wants to know where Jenna is standing, and they try to figure out who else to put in there. Obviously they are going to put in Dee, cause Jordan is upset with her. Obviously the Trinity is going to pull in Kailah and obviously they pull in Big T cause for some reason these females see T as a layup. They put the names up and Dee is pissed. Jordan pulls a bit of a snake move admitting that he said her name and that the two ladies with him didn’t bat an eye.

Kailah is totally fine with being in there. She’s handling it very classy, then Jordan takes a dig of “just remember who’s down there” I understand you want to hype up your lady Jordan, but Kailah was being classy there. Then its T’s turn and she is such a sweet soul that she has a small breakdown in there. Cory reassures her once she comes out of there and gives her a boost too.

tribunal total madness

Now we get Jenna in the creepy call room with Zach, I have re-watched this at least six times and it seems like some of the pieces are cut and spliced together. Regardless of how they pieced it together; I did not like the way he yelled at Jenna saying “I have a house” the call ends abruptly with Zach giving her an ultimatum of coming home or being single. She vents about it to Kailah. Kailah is not here for the Zach show and is pissed. Jordan and Tori talk about the elimination, she wants Jenna. Dee is pissed off about being nominated, talks to Wes for a hot minute and Wes reassures her that she is most likely not going in. To Purgatory we go!

We enter Purgatory and once Nany sees it, she immediately says “nope” “not doing it”. It looks like it is semi physical, mostly endurance. Tori gets the respect of TJ by nominating herself down there. Josh is thinking Dee will get blindsided. TJ wants to know who he will be seeing against Tori. Jenna throws herself in, Dee is relieved, Big T is relieved and Kailah supports it. Before TJ explains the game to them, he calls Jenna out in front of everyone about wanting to go home? Even TJ is suspicious that she nominated herself at this point. Jenna stands firm that she wants her red skull and if she wanted to go home, she would’ve done it days ago.

Dust to Dust is the elimination. They need to run up ramps, smash bricks, fill wheel barrels and fill up a container past a line. Jenna views this as a nice therapy session. My house giggled at that comment. I think it would be a great therapy session for a lot of people. Jenna is smashing the hell outta the bricks, making it look real easy. Tori is breaking apart pieces and trying to push them through the holes. I can only assume the thought process was the bigger pieces would push towards the line faster? Jenna brings her first barrel, is it clear now that she is not “checked out”?? Jordan is yelling like crazy, I know because he is competitive and does not want Tori to leave the house, he wants her to win. But the way the edit shows him, is not a good one.

They are going back and forth and Jenna’s lead is being closed in on by Tori. They both run to dump a wheel barrel and looks even. Next barrel will win. Wes is one of Jenna’s biggest cheerleaders and coaches as he’s yelling at her to go dump it. The cast is going nuts. Who is going to cross that line first? Jenna takes off down the ramp, Tori sees it and she takes off. It is essentially a race to dump the barrels first. Jenna gets up there first, and TJ blows the horn. Everyone is going nuts, no one expected Jenna to step it up. I think the whole bunker thought it was going to be Jenna going home. Jordan starts to freak out, then runs down and they have a sweet moment. Tori handles with amazing grace and class.

total madness tori jenna elimination challenge mtv

While I enjoy seeing a softer side after the freak out he just produced, I was unhappy about it taking away from Jenna’s victory and proving everyone wrong. Jenna and Tori embrace and have a nice chat about Tori reaching out to Zach and talking him off the ledge, Tori obliges. TJ gives Jenna the props she deserves and tells everyone that is how its done. We fade out with Cory talking about Jordan being vulnerable now.

jordan tori mtv challenge total madness elimination

This episode was 80% drama 20% competition/elimination. I am hoping they did this to get back on track to do a competition and elimination in one episode again. If we are going to have random drama filled episodes, maybe they want to just do a drama episode as a second episode a week rather than trying to squeeze in some drama with a comp?  Before I go; is Mattie even in the bunker? Also, to add to this can I suggest to the challenge Gods to keep the red skull format but add in a twist of Free Agents style kill cards where everyone who doesn’t have a red skull pulls a kill card? Essentially causing everyone to pursue the red skull then duke it out to take someone else’s skull and send them packing? Added financial bonus in the end if you win with more than one skull? Just a thought……….