Episode 10: The Final Countdown

All challengers are returning to the bunker and discussing the double elimination. Nany and Wes are discussing about the breakup of the Holy Trinity and how much of their stress Nany took on and now she can focus on her game. Wes wants his red skull while wearing some gold eye patches. Josh makes a call in the creepy call room. We get an insight of how close he is with his family. Next up is Cory calling Taylor and their unborn baby. We get a little clip of Ryder and all of her adorableness.

weston bergmann gold eye masks total madness mtv

In a bedroom Jenny is asking some of the guys if they are going to volunteer to go in. She is talking to Cory, Josh, Kyle, Wes and Johnny. Johnny points out that they are due for a banger. Wes gives a confessional about how him and Johnny are working together in some sort of parallel universe, Johnny also discusses it in his confessional. The wheels are turning in everyone’s head. Who’s getting the next red skull?

Onto the competition. The cast walks up and sees the apparatus that is hanging above the water and they know this is going to possibly suck. Kyle tells TJ that he hates him, TJ laughs and says “I hate you a lot more.” TJ proceeds to tell them about Throne Off and the trivia that it is going to entail. Two strikes and you are out, if you get your question right you can give someone a strike, each strike you get a jolt and hopefully you hang on, its that or fall into the water. Burger King is sponsoring this one and the winners get a royal meal. One female winner, one male winner then they get to choose the third for the Tribunal. Playing in two heats, ladies, and guys.

TJ lavin mtv total madness the challenge

Ladies are up first; Wes provides some encouragement for Nany and then Johnny asks her to spell Marlboro. Everyone including TJ gets a laugh at that one. The guys look a bit away from the ladies, so I’m not sure if the voices are carrying through there or if the comments are being relayed? Nany appears to hear the comment because they have her voice saying she cannot wait to see them up there. TJ announces for them to get on the missiles that are hanging over the water. Nany complains before even getting on that hers is wet, wonder if they were all wet? Was it raining? Was this an added element of difficulty? The missiles are released form the platform and a couple girls look to be struggling right away. Melissa’s facial expression is sheer terror and her tiny body does not seem to have a good hold of this missile.

melissa reeves mtv total madness

Mattie who should have no problem wrapping her arms around it announces that she is already losing her grip. Mattie is up first and gets her question wrong, she’s about to get her first jolt. Mattie says in a confessional that she is shivering and having muscle spasms, Nelson calls it from the shore that she’s about to drop. TJ taunts her with some noises before pushing the button. Mattie cannot hang on and she drops.

Melissa gives a rundown of the game and says they will fall 50 feet into the water. Melissa, you are cute as a button, but I highly doubt it is a 50-foot drop. The Challenge has really tightened the reigns on their safety precautions. Aneesa tells the ladies she is losing her grip, then Nany gets her question about which land mammal lays the largest eggs, she gets it right but her confessional was a MESS when she thought elephants lay the smallest eggs…….NANY is the bunker getting to your brain? There is no way that was a real thought? My child had a hysterically great laugh at this. Aneesa volunteered to receive the strike from Nany cause she was losing her grip already.

Aneesa falls, Bayleigh gets her question wrong, she falls. Jenny gets her question right, tells Kaycee to hold tight and gives it to her. Kaycee hangs in there. Dee gets her question right and gives her strike to Kaycee and down she goes. Melissa gets her question right, and says “sorry Nany” right away and Nany can’t hang on, she falls. Melissa is up again on the question and gets it wrong, she subsequently falls in. Dee is up next and gets her question right, her strike goes to Jenny given they are the only two left and Jenny can’t hang on. Dee wins the ladies heat, then has a minor meltdown screaming to lower the platform and not drop her into the water. Everyone is laughing hysterically at her. Ultimately she gets back to land, dry and celebrates by announcing “I’m dry bitches.”

dee nguyen mtv total madness the challenge

Guys turn! Johnny tells us viewers that he is going to nominate himself as the house vote and doesn’t care about winning todays competition. They get onto the missiles, and are released from the platform. Swaggy goes first and gets his right, he hands his strike to Josh. Josh faceplants into the water and TJ is in hysterics, the ladies are going nuts about it. Jenny mocks him for his clumsiness and how he even falls clumsy. Cory is up next and gets his question wrong, which should have been an easy question, he hangs on for the jolt. Wes, up next and he gets his question right then gives his strike to Cory. Cory does a girlish squeal as he falls. Nelson is up next and TJ is already loving it, says “this should be fun.” Nelson shines his intelligence in his confessional about how he loves multiple choice and that he has a 50-50 chance to get it right? The producer couldn’t even hold back and called him out. His intelligence broke the third wall, much like Nany’s did with the elephant eggs.

Nelson gets his wrong, to be fair, I also guessed it wrong. Nelson falls then squeals multiple times. Kyle is up next and over thinks the entire question, he hangs on for his jolt. Johnny is up next and doesn’t even bother to guess an answer. He says “D your mother,” production shows TJ looking pissed off as they fade to commercial. Once back from commercial TJ laughs it off. This annoyed my entire house for one reason: TJ in the past has been very vocal about people throwing challenges, but when Johnny does it, its funny? No thank you. They don’t even jolt his missile, he just drops.

tj lavin laughing trivia challenge mtv total madness

Fessy is up next and gets a question wrong that I thought everyone knew? Fessy survives his jolt. Rogan is up and gets his question right, then gives his strike to Swaggy. Swaggy hangs on. Rogan is up again with the reversing the order. He gets his question right as he answers with a big grin on his face directly into the camera while laughing. He gives his strike to Swaggy again after saying “sorry Swags.” Fessy is up and gets his right, then gives his strike to Kyle. Kyle screams like a school girl and begs TJ to not drop him. Kyle, once again, coming through with the comic relief here.

Down to three guys Wes, Fessy and Rogan. Wes is up and TJ doesn’t even have to give the options of answers. Wes gives Fessy his second strike, dropping him into the water but not before he flips off Wes. Rogan and Wes quickly try to strike up a deal as they are both struggling to hang on. Rogan quickly says “bring me in I like Burger King.” Wes agrees to bring Rogan into the Tribunal and he drops. TJ congratulates Wes, he thanks him then drops to the water below.

rogan o'connor mtv total madness trivia challenge

Back on land the competitors are congratulated and informed that the winners receive $5k for winning. Wes and Dee pull Rogan into the Tribunal and he asks “do I also get 5 G’s?” he doesn’t but it was worth a shot. Enjoy your Whopper guys. Time to head back to the house. Johnny tells the room he’s in that he wants to go in. Kyle asks him if he’s sure? Johnny wants to go in. Fessy passes it along to the rest of the house that Johnny wants to go in and Josh feels “blindsided” cause he wants to go in and also doesn’t want to go against his friend. Josh, you would have to be pulled into interrogation in order for that to be a possibility. Remember, Wes doesn’t want your “rivalry” to be a thing.

Wes, Dee, and Rogan enjoy their Burger King and start to talk strategy and who is going in. There is some concern over if Johnny is actually going to nominate himself and if Wes should throw himself in against him or not? Wes doesn’t want to ruin what they have accomplished this season but also doesn’t want to miss out on his opportunity for a red skull. Wes feels that Johnny nominating himself is a slap in his face after he’s just won. Dee and Rogan discuss who else they would throw in if Wes doesn’t go in?

wes dee rogan burger king mtv challenge total madness tribunal

The house sits down for nominations. Johnny kicks off the discussion and asks the house to back him on going into Purgatory. Kyle asks if there is anyone else that wants to go in? Cory makes a great statement and points out that he is doing him a favor by voting him in there and wants to know if its going to screw him over in the long run. The strategy to this season is so backwards from what we are used to with this game. Before you would have to kiss everyone’s ass to stay out of elimination, now you are kissing everyone’s ass to go into elimination. It is the weirdest thing. They agreed to clear slate and Cory backs him. Johnny goes to hang his name, then grabs Wes’s name and hangs his right under Johnny’s name. The discussion ends and everyone disperses.

Nelson and Cory go stir the pot with Wes and tell him about Johnny hanging his name up and getting the hype going of Johnny versus Wes. To be honest this is essentially just culminating what this entire episode has been eluding to. Is this going to be the matchup in Purgatory? Grab your popcorn kiddos and hang on, they are going to the bar first before we find out.

At the bar is what appears to be the first drama free night at the bar. Johnny approaches Wes, Dee and Rogan. Johnny tells Wes that he shouldn’t nominate himself because it would hit the reset button on everything they have accomplished this season. Wes then asks if he can talk to Johnny alone, Dee and Rogan leave. Johnny and Wes have a good chuckle when Wes asks him to take off the Burger King crown for just a second.

johnny bananas burger king mtv challenge total madness

They have a serious conversation about whether Wes should go in and that their original plan was to go to the final together. They agree with each other that they are good at eliminations. Production provides us a montage of them throughout the years of going back and forth. They are having a good, civilized conversation and discuss what is going to be the best and how to move forward and that they shouldn’t have to set the reset button on what they have accomplished together this season. I mean seriously if they were in a pairs competition I think it is safe to say we would be seeing them in a final together, am I right?

Back to the house in the Tribunal they are discussing who to put up for possible nominations. They agree on Cory and Swaggy. Rogan wants to see about Josh, Wes shuts it down immediately. They decide on Kyle just to mess with him. Cory is excited, Kyle is pissed and Josh is surprised he isn’t up there. JOSH!! Wes has told you repeatedly, you guys aren’t a thing. Stop trying to make it happen.

Swaggy goes in first, he states that he doesn’t care who he goes against he just doesn’t want to go against Wes because he really likes him. They thank him and dismiss him. Kyle is up next, he’s surprised to see his name up there. Kyle is adamant he does not want to go against Johnny. Kyle says he will go in next time. Cory is up next, he respects Wes wanting to go in but wants to be plan B. Ok Cory! Bringing out the A game and politics. They agree that Wes is going in, or Cory.

swaggy rogan dee wes tribunal mtv challenge total madness

Back in the bedroom Kyle is talking to Swaggy and tells him how he doesn’t want to go against Johnny and that he doesn’t think he can hurt him. We get a workout montage before they head to Purgatory. Swaggy gives a confessional about how he doesn’t want to go against Johnny because Johnny has seen every aspect of the game and he has not. Cory’s confessional is how badly he wants it. Off to Purgatory we go!

TJ gives kudos to Johnny for volunteering himself, I don’t recall that last week with Aneesa and Kaycee?? TJ hypes up Johnny about how great he thinks he is. Who will the Tribunal send down against Johnny? Kyle is wondering if Wes has the balls to go in against him and make dreams come true? Wes is trying to figure out if he doesn’t go in who he should throw in and why? Well, if you are in an alliance maybe send in a rook that he would have a chance at taking out right? Or send in Johnny’s other alliance Kyle and break that apart? Or send in Cory who has always enjoyed seeing Johnny fail? Nope! Wes throws himself in! Why? Why not wait for the next one? After all these seasons and y’all finally get on the same page and start working together you do this Wes? What the hell?

tj lavin wes bananas elimination mtv challenge total madness

Everyone is salivating, TJ included. He explains Charge The Wall. Each of them must smash open a square find a battery and put it in the little stand. First one to find all three wins. Essentially this is a little bit of strength, a little bit of speed and a whole lot of luck. They are harnessed in and ready to go. TJ blows the horn who will be the first to three? Wes has a strategy going into it, Johnny makes the point of saying to not half ass it and miss a battery. Johnny finds the first battery and he runs to the stand to put it in there and it looks like the ropes attached to the harness appears to tighten up as he is running to the stand. Now wouldn’t that have been a fun twist? Have the ropes and harness tightened with the competitors body weight as you run to place the batteries, essentially pulling them away from the wall or further in the air in order to place your battery down?

Wes finds his first battery and they are both back up on the wall. It’s neck and neck with them kick, kneeing, punching and elbowing through the wall. Johnny finds his second and he is back on the wall. He has all of the holes open and needs to double back. As he finds his third one Wes finds his second. Wes has every hole open on his side of the wall so he must have missed one while breaking through the wall somewhere. This is precisely what Johnny pointed out prior to starting this wall. Red Skull for Johnny.

wes bananas elimination mtv challenge total madness

They show a couple confessionals and the guys in Purgatory. Wes is never going to forget this one. Johnny is laying down posing and says “King doing king shit Wes.” Wes tells him to get up and he obliges, they hug it out. They both provide a confessional talking about how they wish they would have worked together sooner. Johnny tells Wes as much while still on the Purgatory floor. They have a hug and Johnny kisses Wes on the head and they get a collective “awwww” from the cast.

bananas wes elimination mtv challenge total madness ending

Their back and forth at the end was the highlight of the show for me. Johnny joking and Wes looking defeated and agreeing to being allies, friends, and more than friends but slightly less than lovers. There you have it friends! The wonder twins are friends. Look out future challenge seasons, if they continue to work together it could be dangerous for future competitors. Who’s getting the next red skull? Will there be a purge? Let’s see what next week brings!