Episode two here we go!

This episode kicks off with CT readily acknowledging that he must spin his whole game as every other season has been about avoiding going into eliminations and even threatening tactics to not go in. Ashley is stressing about this as well. Oh, how the tides have turned. This twist has completely flipped the script on this game.

CT challenge total madness

We see Rogan undressing Jenn with his eyes pretending to pay attention to the conversation that is happening while Dee and Tori watch like little creepers across the room, (was it the same room?). I couldn’t decipher if Rogan was paying more attention to Dee watching him or Jenn’s body, I mean conversation. He did readily admit that “I like to think with my penis”. Then we see Tori attempting to console Dee who is already deciding that Jenn is going into the elimination. Securing Jenn’s fate and pulling a massive cockblock against Rogan.

Tori Dee Total Madness MTV Challenge

Onto the competition: Airdrop Extraction. The two heats, I like that only the top three teams advance to the second round, essentially a mini purge in competition. I know the teams were randomly selected but dang Jordan, Wes and Jenny? Anyone who has been paying attention to this game would know that this team is going to crush this competition.

teams ep 2 mtv challenge total madness teams mtv total madness episode 2

We didn’t see much from all the competitors on this one and to no surprise they did not show much footage of Bananas during the competition. I’m assuming its because he was with Aneesa and Nany? Nany was essentially left out of this episode, along with Jenna, Kaycee and I’m thinking there were more, but my brain is scrambled by all the madness that took place in this episode.

Fessy and Bear get up to grab the crates first. I know this is Fessy’s rookie season, but I was not surprised he was the first one up there. I was surprised Bear was up there right away though! Am I the only one that thinks Bear looks a bit thicker this season? Jordan trying to keep pace with Fessy wanting to know how he’s going to hold up in the challenges? I agree Jordan, we all do. We all want to know, but why does it come out of your mouth so arrogantly? I want to like you Jordan, I really do, but you make it hard on a fan of the Challenge man.

Jenn talking about starting a swimsuit line if she wins? Lord help this woman. Has she looked around the bunker? She does know she’s the lame gazelle in with all the lionesses, right?? She’s never going to win a challenge. She shows next to nothing in athleticism, her personality is nonexistent, and her social game is reliant on her looks. The only thing that was her saving grace in this competition was that she ended up on a team with Josh. Josh may not be the front runner on competitors, but he most definitely is the one you want as a partner. No if’s and’s or but’s about it, that man is encouraging and does what he can for whoever he is partnered with. He very easily could’ve told her she was worthless putting her one hand on the crate while he did his best to carry two, but he didn’t. Aneesa summed it up perfectly “looking her best, trying her least” Good grief Jenn, Big T was carrying the crate and she’s roughly the same size as the dang thing!

josh jenn mtv total madness

Cory, Swaggy and Dee are the first team to realize that a relay system is going to be the best thing for them. Honestly, other teams should have followed suit immediately.

Bear gets frustrated with Ashley and they cut to a bit where it looked like he was trying to hurry her along and she yells “I’ll sit down right now.” Ugh c’mon Ashley can you just try a little more? Jordan, Fessy and Jenny finish first, by a landslide, as expected. Fessy, Kyle and Melissa come in second. Not going to lie, I was impressed. I thought Melissa might slow them down considering the crate probably weighs as much as she does, but they came in second. Wonder how many each of them carried? I would like that breakdown to see who the MVP of each team was. Then Cory, Swaggy and Dee came in third. Onto the second round.

melissa challenge total madness

Loading into the helicopter I was jacked for this round, until my husband chimed in with a “if they finished first, they should get to pick the order not get sent up first.” We bantered back and forth about it through the whole second round until the last team went and he piped up with a “and that’s why you want to go last.” Touché, fair point.

Up first was Wes, Jordan and Jenny. This should be good right? The first one was pretty far off, just getting a feel for the projection and all that jazz. Boom they missed the second one, immediately Jordan bursts out with “what the, he slowed down!” Wes’s response was a great response and very intelligent, “I don’t think the helicopters momentum is doing that much.” Yup, Wes I agree with you. It was just bad spotting by Jordan and he couldn’t take the blame. Even after Bananas said “who’s Jordan going to blame for those two misses?” His fiancé even said “he better blame himself.” As if Tori’s comment didn’t take the cake, in comes Bear with “surely these are only practice runs.” There was an audible chuckle in my household and a slow clap from my husband. They miss a couple more but manage to hit two before landing. So fitting that Blue Monday was playing at the end of their run, (if you don’t know the lyrics to the song check it out) and Wes talking about his loss also being a victory.

jordan challenge total madness

Up next we have Melissa, Fessy and Kyle. I am curious how this one is going to play out and how they decided that Fessy would be the spotter? Not even going to lie, I was thoroughly confused on this? Wouldn’t you want the strength in the back launching the boxes? First one goes after Kyle and Melissa were visibly confused by why Fessy still had his hand in the air. They missed, not one argument, not one bad word. Kyle takes charge and says “you drop your hand, we’ll drop the box,” everyone agrees and they are onto the next. Second one was super close. By the third, Fessy now knows when to drop his arm and they nail the next seven. I can admit now that the strength in the back doesn’t mean diddly if you can’t spot when to drop the crate. Nice work Fessy.

fessy melissa kyle challenge total madness

Last but certainly not least is Swaggy, Cory and Dee. Cory is the spotter. These are three people that are hungry for a win, lets see how this goes. First pass and my whole family is literally on the edge of our seats. Seven is going to be a tough score to beat. First crate drops and it hits! Holy shit. Maybe it was luck? Second one goes, hits. They hit the eighth one in a row and decided to go for a perfect score and nailed it. DAMNNNNNNN nine for nine! Pan camera to Jordan sulking, still can’t admit that he let his team down nor can he congratulate the team that just went on a perfect run? Where’s the sportsmanship that he preaches? Seriously, I want to like Jordan in the game but times like this make it difficult with his frustrated yelling “seven and nine get the fu*k outta here.”

Back to the bunker, we see Dee talking to Rogan about who is going in and we see a glimpse of savage Dee touching up her makeup in a mirror saying “you going to be alright if the girls throw in your Jenn?” That zinger had me giggle, but then the cameras shift to Johnny and Wes completely messing with Jenn telling her to get a speech ready. Now I know this is a bit of bullying on their part, pouncing on her and getting her to believe everything they are filling her head with… but my whole house was in hysterics listening to it and watching it all unfold as Nelson, Rogan and Bear joined in. Rogan, why didn’t you tell this rookie that she was having every puppet string pulled by Wes and Johnny?

nelson wes rogan bananas challenge total madness mtv

The bunker gathers for nominations and it’s now a “board meeting” with Wes keeping the minutes and essentially shoving Jenn off the cliff that he gave her a roadmap to. “Greetings earthlings” might have been Jenn’s most memorable moment on the Challenge, other than the look on her face when Wes kicked things off by voting for her. Is she really that clueless about this game and who she is in the house with? She clearly is as they are at the dinner table and she is making a rather poor attempt at starting things with Dee. Dee is fighting back rather pathetically might I add. The only good line Dee dropped on Jenn was when Jenn accused her of trying to throw her in and Dee snapped back with “I didn’t need to babe, the whole house did.”

I glossed over on some of this argument as it was as petty and dull as a grade school argument over who’s turn it is on the monkey bars. The highlight of it was Aneesa’s comment “maybe some of the guys are, you should be concerned with that” about people watching her sleep.

Now we see Dee and Tori doing some stretches talking about who to send in and I commend Dee here with not lying to Tori and telling her straight up that she has loyalty to Jenny. She very easily could’ve blown some smoke up Tori’s ass and then made it look like the guys wanted to put Jenny in, given the fact that Cory does owe her a favor for the first tribunal. Dee kept it 100 and it looked for a moment that Tori was good with it, until she talked to Jordan.

HERE is where I agree with Jordan! If there was something said in Thailand and his FABULOUS point about how they were in the last final with Dee, then Jordan’s argument stands. This turned into the super awkward talk in the lockers? I am not sure if the bunker was starting to get to them, if they were trying to be away from everyone or if they were just having some fun? Whatever it was, it was odd. Dee clearly agreed with me as she exited the locker “that was really fuc*ing weird” Yes. Yes it was Dee.

tori dee lockers total madness challenge

We’re in the Tribunal now, Dee tells Cory and Swaggy about the talk with Tori and how Jordan is going to be mad at her. The men do not look impressed. They bring in Big T first, looking fire with no wig on. She is so sweet in there and is accepting of whatever may be. Aww hugs T, you’re so sweet. Jenny comes in next and this is our first exposure to Swaggy referring to himself in third person. I hope this doesn’t happen a lot, it’s annoying and will take away from his ability to compete if I have to listen to him refer to himself in third person.

Ufff, back to Jenny, she already had Cory and Dee’s vote, but she secured herself with Swaggy when she said she would help Bayleigh. Swaggy’s not dumb, that’s just what he needed to here. Happy wife, happy life (ya, I know they aren’t married yet). Tori is the last to come into the Tribunal and she starts with a “clean slate” but then goes back to Thailand and remembering what happened in the past and circles back to clean slate as far as deals, but wants to remind Dee of their deal. It was all a bit exhausting to follow in the two minutes they showed. Cory was the scene stealer in this when Tori finishes with “you have anything to say?” then leaves after Cory shakes his head no. Cory then reminds Dee that Jordan is going to be gunning for her.

tribunal tori cory swaggy dee total madness

We see Wes and Dee have a private conversation about who to put in. Wes makes the excellent point that Jenny can beat almost everyone in the house in a final and if it would be smart to give her an easy pass to by taking out Jenn? Couldn’t agree more Wes. Is this the elimination to put Jenny into? Maybe hand it to someone else Dee.

Purgatory time and we are slapped with another twist! Dee could go in!!! Where was this twist last week my husband asked. I can only assume that they waited on this one because they can’t drop two big twists in one night. You have to line it up to have people want to go into the final, THEN provide them with the opportunity to go in themselves. In the words of Bear “Dee what you got?” Everyone was encouraging her to go down there including Tori who wants to go in. We see Kyle standing there with his goofy school boy grin.

tribunal cory swaggy dee total madness elimination

Dee sticks to her original plan and sends in Jenny. The whole cast boo’s her. I think if you listen carefully you can hear TJ boo her with the cast? No? Just me I guess. Dee, you lined it up for me to agree with Kailah, who said something about you talking so much shit and not going down there and sending her home yourself. Why did you do that to me Dee. Tori hugs Jenny and says “see you in a bit” which was literally all it took for the elimination.

Flip the Switch starts, TJ explains the scenario and we place bets in my house. Husband has 10-3 Jenny my kid says 10-2. I was still flabbergasted that Dee didn’t put herself in there and take the win. I get it, you have to be mentally prepared to go in, you aren’t completely sure what the game will be and you would hate to go out by someone you’ve talked so much shit about: BUT back up your words. Dang Dee.

tj lavin total madness elimination

10-1 lights out Jenny wins, no surprise. At one point completely beast moding through there and flipping it with one hand while Jenn was flopping on her side. “Like a kid at a birthday party trying to keep the balloon off the floor.” Yup, CT that is exactly what it looked like.

TJ with obvious disgust on his face asks Dee if she regrets not going down. Never let down TJ, cause he will never let you live it down. Back to the house Challengers, so long Jenn. Please don’t come back. We end with Wes, Mr. Mastermind admitting he doesn’t know the right strategy to this game. Start with your beard Wes, I think there is a Slovak family stowed away in there. Until next week, happy quarantining.